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7 Essential Dog Training Tools & Behavior Aids For Dog Owners

Dog ownership is one of the most amazing experiences in the world. Unfortunately, some dogs just don’t want to cooperate, and that can create problems for you and your family. Proper training is essential for ensuring that your dog behaves appropriately and doesn’t cause problems.

Below is a list of training tools and behavior aids that can help keep your dog in line.

Ultimately, your dog is going to make progress along the way. When they do something right, you’ll want to reward them for it. Doing so will help create habits. Your dog will begin to understand that doing something right means they get a reward. In return, they’ll be much more likely to obey.

Be sure to keep the treats small. Treats should be small and similar to the size of a blueberry. This will ensure that they’re able to gobble them down quickly and get right back to training.

If you’ve ever watched a show about dog trainers, you will notice that they use a clicker. This is a small item that is capable of creating a clicking noise. The clicker is great for giving your dog a sign.

You can use different clicking sounds to give your dog different commands. If budget is a constraint, you can instead opt to download a clicker app to your phone. Either way, using clicking sounds will make training your dog a little easier.

Ultimately, you’re going to need a leash or two. Just remember that the size needs to be perfect. In general, it is best to choose a leash that is roughly four to six feet in length. This will lessen the likelihood that your dog can stray and get into trouble. Some dogs like to chew through their leashes. Therefore, you may need a couple.

Gates And Crates
In the early days, your dog might be destructive at home. They may attempt to chew through cords and shoes. Therefore, you need to keep them confined when you’re not watching them. Investing in barriers, such as gates, can help. This will allow you to block off portions of your home and make them inaccessible to your dog.

You’ll also need a good crate, which lets you transport your dog from one location to the next with ease. Plus, you’ll need to get your dog accustomed to the crate. Otherwise, they might cause a lot of trouble when you’re away from home.

Dog Bark Collar
You’ll find out very quickly that your biggest problem is your dog’s bark. Therefore, you’ll need to address this problem from the beginning. One of the best ways to stop your dog’s nonstop barking is by using a bark collar. Dog bark collars can be very beneficial for teaching your dog when to bark and when to be silent.

There is no doubt that you’ll want to give your dog some toys. Toys are beneficial for several reasons. First and foremost, they give your dog something else to chew on. When they’re chomping on their toy, they’re not eating your shoe.

At the same time, toys can be a useful training aid. When the dog has done something correctly, the toy can come out, and the fun can begin.

Finally, you should understand that you have lots of training equipment. How are you going to store and carry all of these items? A convenient solution is to get a training carryall. This will give you the ability to store and carry your items conveniently. Your carryall can hold everything from your training equipment to your dog’s water bowl and treats.

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