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7 Dog Walking Tips You Must Know

As pet owners, it’s crucial that you take your dog for a walk from time to time. If possible, take your dog out at least once a day. It’s truly unfortunate that a lot of pet owners tend to neglect this. In fact, studies show that almost 20% of pet owners in the US don’t walk their dogs as often as needed. Remember that walking is a great exercise for your pet. It keeps it happy, healthy, and strong.

Below are dog-walking tips that every pet owner should know for a more comfortable and enjoyable outdoor walk with their pooch.

Wear Reflective Gears When Walking in the Evening
Some pet owners are just too busy during the day that they can only find time to walk their dog at night. It’s okay to walk your dog in the evening, especially if you find the weather to be too hot during the day, but make sure you let your furry friend wear reflective gears for safety. This is especially true if you need to pass along busy streets where there are lots of cars passing by.

Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop
As a pet owner, you are solely responsible for the proper disposal of your pet’s poop. This is especially true when you’re outdoors. Of course, you cannot expect other people to clean up the poop for you. Also, if you leave the poop on the street, this could pose health hazards to your neighborhood. The bacteria coming from the poop could be passed on to other pets and perhaps those small kids playing on the streets!

Carry Enough Water
As humans, we know that getting enough water when exercising is essential. This is also the same for your pet. Therefore, before you go out for a walk, make sure you have enough water to keep you and your pooch dehydrated.

Remember that compared to humans, dogs find it more difficult to regulate their temperature, so it’s pretty easy for them to get dehydrated. Also, dogs tend to sweat through panting, which is why they get dehydrated so easily.

Be Careful Of Hot Pavements During Summer
When taking your dog out for a walk during the hot weather, watch out for those hot pavements that can be painful for your pet to walk on. So how do you know if the pavement is hot? Simply touch it with your bare feet or hands for about five seconds. If you find it too hot, then your dog will feel the same too, so you better avoid it.

Make Sure Your Dog is Wearing Proper Identification
Sometimes, no matter how careful you are as a pet owner, your pet’s curious nature could make it susceptible to getting lost. Therefore, make sure your dog is wearing proper identification before you go out to walk outdoors.

You can perhaps make your dog wear a personalized collar that has your name and contact number in it. Otherwise, talk to your vet about getting a microchip placed on your dog.

Get A Retractable Dog Leash
When it comes to a dog leash, consider getting a retractable leash that you can easily adjust according to your needs. For instance, if you want your pooch to be close to you as you walk, then simply shorten the leash. But if you want your dog to be able to explore freely while in the park, then you can make the leash longer.

Give Your Dog Freedom to Sniff Around
Taking your dog out for a walk comes with lots of benefits, and that also includes mental stimulation. This is usually the only time that your dog can freely explore outside of your home, and that’s good for your dog’s mental health.

So give your pooch the freedom to move around as you go for a walk. Simply loosen the retractable leash of your dog for a few minutes to give it a chance to sniff around and explore the surroundings.

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