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8 Escape Artist Dog Breeds That Are Likely to Run Away

There are many reasons why dogs may decide to run away. Perhaps, they are frightened about something, or they found something that they like. Most of the time, dogs run off because they feel bored, or they just want to get their master’s attention.

But there are also certain breeds of dogs that are considered “escape artists”, and are fond of running away even for no reason at all. If you’re wondering why your dog runs away, then it’s probably because of its nature.

Below is a list of dog breeds that are most likely to run away.

Labrador retrievers are among those dogs that dog experts consider to be “most likely to easily get lost.” The reason behind this is that these dogs are energetic by nature. They are boisterous and always full of energy. It is their nature to go astray due to their curiosity. Plus, their desire to always be around their pet master has made them susceptible to separation anxiety. Thus, if they feel like they want to be with their master, you cannot stop them from going away.

Huskies are sled-pulling breeds that are born to run, which is why they just simply run away. Their desire to always stay active along with their climbing and digging skills has made them difficult to take on a plane trip.

Boxers are excellent jumpers so don’t be surprised to see this dog breed suddenly jumping out of the fence in your yard. These muscular beasts are playful by nature and often get excited in a game of chase. In fact, their masters have coined a term for this habit. It’s called Boxer Bolting.

Some Chihuahua parents believe that just because these breeds are small, they don’t require lots of training, exercise, and attention. But this is not the case because Chihuahuas are active little creatures that love to run away. So if you are not giving your Chihuahua dog the activity that it needs, you can expect for it just suddenly to run away.

German Shepherds
Dog trainers often recommend learning the behavior issues of a dog based on their breed. When it comes to German Shepherds – the very same breed the 46th POTUS has, it is their instinct to chase down any animal, which is why they are excellent escape artists. Plus, they are also good at digging, and they are stubborn by nature.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers
Stubborn Staffies are a breed of dog that requires stern leadership from their master. These dogs are also very powerful and are capable of scaling a 6-foot fence if they find something that catches their attention. Plus, their powerful paws make them experts at shoveling and tunneling.

Jack Russell Terriers
While Jack Russell terriers may be lacking in size, they have made up for this in speed, spunk, and power. These pups require a lot of activities to stay happy, and you can find them happily chasing small animals away! So if you own a Jack Russell Terrier, you better be careful, as it will suddenly just bolt away.

It is the Beagle’s instinct to follow their nose, and their sense of smell is truly powerful. So if they have smelled something nice somewhere, you can expect for them to run towards it, no matter how far it may be.

A Safety Measure To Consider
As you can see, there are lots of dogs that are naturally born escape artists. If your dog happens to be one of them, it’s time to get a GPS tracker for your dog. This device can be connected to an app in your phone, so you’d be able to monitor your dog’s whereabouts and easily find it just in case it runs away!

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