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Have a Senior Dog? Here Are 5 Essential Items You Need to Get

As a dog owner, you must always put a priority on the safety and comfort of your pet. This is especially important if you have a senior dog. As your dog gets older, you should always ensure that it is comfortable with its body and that its mind stays sharp. That way, your beloved pet’s senior years will be happy, fruitful, and healthy.

Thankfully, there are certain products that can make your aging dog’s life so much easier. Below are some of the most essential items that you should consider getting for your senior dog.

Orthopedic Dog Bed
Now that your dog is getting old, you can expect it to spend a lot of time sleeping. Therefore, you should get your dog a comfortable bed to sleep on. When it comes to comfort, you can never go wrong with a padded or orthopedic bed. Unlike other types of bed that require your pet to climb high when the sleeping time comes, this bed is just sitting low in the ground, which is definitely more convenient for senior dogs to use.

Just make sure to place it in a warm area so your pet will be able to retain its body heat while lying on the bed. Having supportive padding on the bed is also a good idea as it helps to protect the dog’s delicate bones and joints.

Ear Cleaner & Eye Drops
When your dog is already more than 7 years old, you can expect that its hearing and eyesight are already deteriorating. Therefore, you should keep their ears clean at all times to prevent bacteria growth. Having an ear cleaner can make cleaning your pet’s ears easier and more convenient.

Aside from an ear cleaner, you must also have an eye drop for a dog in order to clean their eyes and prevent dry eyes that could lead to irritation. You can purchase eye drops from your local pharmacy, although it’s recommended to ask advice from your vet first.

Safety Stairs
Unlike younger dogs, senior dogs can no longer jump up and down into places, which is why it’s necessary to have some ramp and stairs installed in your home. Furthermore, the muscles of your adult dog may have already deteriorated due to aging and its eyesight is now poor. To ensure safety and minimize the risk of injury, it is best to install safety ramps and stairs on places that would require your dog to climb or jump.

Dog Toys for Senior Dogs
Even though your dog is already senior, it still needs to play with toys from time to time. But it now has different preferences for toys. Thus, your dog will no longer find interest in those toys that you gave it during its younger years. When it comes to this, soft rubber toys would be ideal since they are gentler on your pooch’s teeth and jaws. Soft plush toys can also work well for your adult dog since they are gentle to the touch.

Elevated Dog Feeder
For older dogs, having an elevated dog feeder may be essential. This type of feeder eliminates the need for your pooch to bow its head down during feeding. As your dog gets older, it can be hard for it to move, bend or even bow its head during feeding time. Also, senior dogs tend to suffer from arthritis. With an elevated dog feeder, the symptoms of arthritis can be minimized since your pooch will no longer have to exert a lot of effort during eating.

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