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How To Get Dog Hair From Clothes Without A Lint Roller?

How To Get Dog Hair From Clothes Without A Lint Roller?


If you live with a dog in your home, then you need to get used to the idea of having pet hair all over the place, from your clothes, carpets, rugs, upholstery, and pretty much anywhere! Most pet owners rely on a lint roller to remove pet hair. But there are instances when the lint roller gets misplaced somewhere. If you’re wondering how to remove these hairs without using a lint roller, then here are some tips.


Sprinkle a Small Amount of Vinegar

One way you can prevent these pesky hairs from your clothes is to simply add a small amount of vinegar when you wash your clothes. You only need a ½ cup of vinegar for this. Add it on the water and detergent that you use to wash your clothes, sheets, upholstery, or any fabric.

By washing the fabric with vinegar, you will minimize and eliminate the static in your fabric that attracts pet hair. The vinegar will react with your clothes and produce a non-sticking surface so your dog’s hair will not stick to it. Aside from preventing pet hair from sticking, it can also help minimize lint from the fabric.


Keep Your Closet Closed

Make sure that your closet door is always closed to prevent the pet hair from getting into the clothing inside the closet. Remember, pet hair can spread all over the place. So make it a habit to close the closet door after every use.

Pet hair can easily find their way towards any fabric, including the clothes inside your closet. You might say that it’s impossible for the hair to get there because you don’t allow your pet inside your room, but these pesky hairs could travel through the air and land anywhere in your house. So always keep your closet door closed at all times.


Use Damp Hands

Another way to get rid of pet hair from your clothes is with your damp hands or you can also use rubber gloves. Simply run your hands or gloves in cold water and wipe your clothes using your hands. This should remove the presence of unwanted hair in your clothing. Just make sure you maintain a downward motion so that the hair doesn’t ball up, making it easier for you to take the hair off and throw away.


Get An Air Purifier

As mentioned, pet hair could spread quickly all over the place even if you restrict your dog to certain areas in your house. That’s because these hairs travel through the air in your surroundings. So aside from removing unwanted pet hair from your clothes, you must also consider removing the hair from the air in your home. When it comes to this, an air purifier for pets would be a great help.


Use Dryer Sheets

Another great alternative to lint roller when it comes to removing pet hair is the dryer sheets. You simply have to run these sheets to your clothes after washing, and it can help to remove any unwanted hair that has gotten into your clothes. This is because the dryer sheet will suck those loose pet hairs out.

If you’re worried about pet hair sticking on clothes that you plan to wear for an important event, simply toss the clothes in the dryer real quick. Then slip it into the dryer sheet and let the machine run on cool. This can help to resolve your problem. You may also add some wet clothes made of microfiber and set your machine on tumble to allow for the easy removal of pet hair.