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Everything You Need To Know About Removing Your Dog's Urine Odor From Carpets


A puppy can bring joy, love, and laughter to the family. Things get different when you are busy with work, or you are running errands and unable to pay attention to your dog. If they are not yet trained to pee in the right place, the result is a smelly carpet. Don't stress yourself. There are several methods that you can follow for removing dog urine and its odor from the carpets. You don't have to use harmful chemicals that may be dangerous to your kids and puppy.


7 Quick & Easy Steps To Remove That Odor

Even if how well you train your dog, sometimes they choose to pee whenever they want to, and that includes the carpet. But don't worry there are lots of things that you can use and do to eliminate the bad odor and stain your pets might create.

If you think removing the urine and its smell out of your carpet is a tedious task, you are wrong. Below are easy to follow steps in eliminating your pet smell and stain on your carpet effectively:


Step 1: Clean Up The Affected Areas

Before you use any product to remove pee smell on your carpet, you need to remove the urine itself. Fresh pee can be removed by soaking up all the liquid.

With the use of superabsorbent paper towels, cover the area and use your feet or hands to press gently. It will draw out and soak up some if not all the liquid on the carpet. You may need several rolls of paper towels and repeat the process until all the fresh pee is removed and the area is dried.

Note: Do not rub, it will push the urine deeper into the carpet, and it will only make your task harder.

In cases of a more prominent spot, you may need lots of paper towels. However, you can use old clothes or cloth towel. Place the cloth on the wet spot on the carpet, stand on it to absorb the liquid.

Make sure to dispose of the paper towels immediately, in the outdoor trash, so the smells will not linger inside.


Step 2: Find Dried Urine Residue

How can you remove the smell of your dog pee if you cannot find the urine residue? There are several ways to find the urine, but the most effective is by the use of a UV Flashlight. These innovations have made it possible. You can use of the highly recommended Vansky UV Flashlight Blacklight, which come equipped with 51 LED lights that can detect cat and dog urine.

This LED UV flashlight delivers illumination equal to the most powerful lights in the industry. The UV lights work by illuminating anything with phosphors such as a dog pee. At present, these UV flashlights have now become the best tool of choice in locating and eliminating pet pee.

These UV lights work best in a dark room, but with the Vansky UV flashlight it can work even when there is light around. However, if needed you can use a black plastic sheet to cover the windows.

Here are the things you need to consider in choosing a UV flashlight:

  • The casing: Most of the UV flashlight comes with a plastic or metal casing. Since you will be using it indoors, you can choose either of the two types of casing.
  • The type of lens: Choose the one where you can switch from UV light to LED light.
  • The size: This will determine how many diodes you will get. So you can go for the bigger size if you need a powerful light.

Step 3: Use A Pet Odor Enzyme Cleaner

The enzyme cleaners are very effective because it contains protein that can destroy dog pee molecules and eliminate the bad odor. Enzyme cleanser like Pet Stain and Odor Miracle by Sunny & Honey can also remove the stain and odor of the pet's vomit and drool. Some cleansers may take some time before it takes effect, but this product provides the result right away.

The Sunny & Honey cleanser is not just for the carpet. You can also use it on your pet beds, furniture, rugs, car upholstery, and rugs. The enzyme cleaner is safe both for your children and pets.

To use the product, spray it in the area, then let it stay for a while before blotting and scrubbing the area. Sometimes you need to repeat the process twice or thrice, depending on the stain or odor that your pet has created.

Here are some tips in choosing the right pet odor enzyme cleaner:

  • Choose the one that contains all natural ingredients. Don't be deceived by common household chemicals. In reality, they are dangerous to your pets. If you are unsure of its content, choose the one that contains familiar natural ingredients.
  • Stay away from carpet cleaner with bleach. This will ruin your carpet and its color.
  • Make sure the Carpet and Rug Institute certify the product. This will maintain the quality of your carpet and assure the safety of your pets.

Step 4: DIY Carpet Cleaning

For stain that is tough to remove, using a spray cleaner is not enough. To help you remove this kind of stain, you can rent a carpet cleaner from a hardware store or local grocery. Another option is to hire a professional carpet cleaner to remove the stain and odor.

Using a steam cleaner to remove urine odors from carpet is not a good idea. The heat the cleaner produces will set the odor and stain by sticking the protein into the human-made fiber.

If you have a puppy that always pees or leaves his feces on your carpet, you can invest in a top-rated carpet cleaning tool like the SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner. You can set the cleaner automatically and allow it to do the work for you. This deep reach technology cleans thoroughly from the bottom up to remove the deepest stain on your carpet.

This tool is very useful because it has a unique spiral brushing action that can complete over 400 cleaning revolutions to remove tough stains and odor thoroughly. To get rid of the odor-causing bacteria, mildew, and mold, the SpotBot Pet has a Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection. The sooner you clean the urine, the easier it will be removed.


Step 5: Air The House

Allow the fresh air to enter the house by opening the windows every day and keep them open all day if possible. This will help to make your home smell fresher. You position one or two fans in the area to help in circulating air. It will surely make pet smell less noticeable.

Although it is not as effective as others, releasing the bad odor and letting the fresh air in will help reduce the pet-related smell. This can be tricky and sometimes expensive particularly in summer or winter, so it is best to do the home cleaning when the temperatures are mild.

  • There are things you need to keep in mind when doing this:
  • Open all the windows and doors in your house.
  • Make sure all the ceiling fans, as well as the fan's central unit, are turned on.
  • You don't need the AC or heater while doing this; it is best to turn them off.
  • If your house is equipped with an attic fan, turn it on as well.
  • Keep your dog in a safe place when opening your house - he might run out of the front door.

Step 6: Get An Air Purifier Specially Designed For Removing Odors

There are lots of air purifiers in the market, and some of them are not as effective as the others. Having a good air purifier can help in reducing the pet smell in your home. One of our recommended product is the LEVOIT LV-PUR131 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter. It has activated carbon filters that can remove the smell and filter the air for pet dander which provides you a clean air to breathe. Position the air filter on the area where you find the bad odor. This will significantly improve the smell of your house.

The air purifier mentioned has been tested and proven to get rid up to 99.97% of airborne bacteria, viruses, dust mite allergens, mold, pollen and pet dander in a room up to 322 sq. ft. It does not produce any noise and will not occupy too much space.

Don't forget to change the HVAC filters in your house regularly. This will help the system run efficiently and, with the help of these filters, it will do a great job of purifying the air in your home.

To help you find the right air purifier, here are some tips:

  • Keep in mind there is no perfect air purifier. Manufacturers are aware of this, and that is the reason why they employ several complementing technologies.
  • Make sure the air purifier you are buying can purify a more significant area. It is not recommended to purchase an air purifier built for 40 m2 to work for the entire house.
  • The higher the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), the faster the air purifier works.
  • Check the noise level of the air purifier. If you position the air purifier in your bedroom, ensure that it doesn't produce noise.

Step 7: Potty Train Your Puppy

Potty training your pet can be done in three ways - the Kennel Method, the Schedule Method, and the Puppy Pad Method:

The Kennel Method

Follow the simple steps in using this method for the potty train:

  • Find the right kennel or crate. This will serve as your dog's resting area until it is time to go out to the bathroom. It should be big enough so the dog can stand up and move around comfortably.
  • Create a comfortable kennel by using a comfy blanket or pillow to line the bottom and add some toys or treats. Make sure the crate is a relaxing one for your pet.
  • Teach your dog to go in and out of his crate by using words like “let's go” or “in your crate”. You can use toys or treats to attract him.
  • Set a kennel time. Figure out when is the right time for him to be in the kennel, like when you are away or busy. Limit his time in the kennel.
  • After each kennel time, bring your dog outside to relieve himself. He will not pee on the area where he sleeps, so teach him that a bathroom break always follows kennel time.
  • Reward him on every excellent bathroom behavior.

The Schedule Method

    Determine how often your little puppies go to the bathroom and take note of it.

    The normal bathroom times for your dog is in the morning after waking up, after every meal, after drinking water, before going to bed at night and in the middle of the night and after kennel time.

    Avoid negative reinforcement if you see him attempting to pee on the carpet, calmly direct him outside.

    After determining his bathroom schedule, bring your dog outside if you think he may need to go. It may require you to go outside several times in the morning and afternoon and a few times at night.

    Reward him and praise him for any successful attempt of peeing outdoors.

    Adjust the schedule for your puppy he will outgrow the need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

The Puppy Pad Method

    Purchase the right size of puppy pads or pee pads.

    Find the specific place for the puppy pad and keep it in the same area for your dog to adjust for using it.

    Visit the pad more often, and you can do this a few minutes before the usual bathroom time.

    Reward and praise him every time he uses the puppy pad to pee.

    If you choose a disposable pad, make sure to change it when needed.

    Move the puppy pad outdoors if needed. Gradually move the pad, near the door, then into the grass. Take time in doing this to prevent your dog from committing accidents.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have an idea on how to get rid of your dog's urine smell on the carpet, you will surely have an odor-free house. There are two factors that you should keep in mind when choosing the products in cleaning your carpet - safety and effectiveness. No matter how effective the product is if it is not safe for your pet, it's useless. So make sure that you choose the one that is recommended by many pet owners.

Even if there are products that can help you in removing your pet's stain and urine, it is still best to potty train your dog at the early stage. The potty train is the safest and natural way of keeping your carpet stain-free and odor free.