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5 Hacks To Deal With Your Dog’s Shedding

5 Hacks To Deal With Your Dog’s Shedding


Just like humans, dogs get old too and will naturally shed some hair during the process. Although shedding is just a normal process in dogs, the frequency and the amount of hair that they shed will greatly vary depending on the breed and health conditions. Hair shedding on pets will also depend upon the season. Most dogs develop a thick coat during winter and shed it in spring. Dogs that are mostly kept indoors are prone to some fluctuations in coat thickness and shed fairly evenly during the entire year.

Pregnancy, lactation, and hormones are also some of the reasons behind hair shedding on dogs. Furthermore, dogs will also shed if they are extremely stressed. Indeed, shedding is a normal process for dogs, and there’s no way of stopping it. However, taking good care of your dog can help to somehow minimize excessive shedding, and keep your home free from hair.

So here are five hacks to help deal with your dog’s shedding.


Prepare A Healthy Diet For Your Dog

One factor that could affect the shedding of your dog’s hair is the diet. If you feed your dog with a nutritious diet, then the coat of your dog will remain healthy and shiny, with only a little bit of shedding. However, if your dog has an unbalanced diet, then there’s a tendency that it will shed hair excessively. An unbalanced diet may also lead to brittle fur and drying of the skin. This is pretty common in dogs that feed mainly on dry food.

Try to limit dry food as much as possible. These foods contain an excessive amount of fillers and have no moisture, which is why they can make your pet’s skin dry. So to minimize the shedding, take the time to evaluate the nutrients of the food that you give to your dog. Make sure they are filled with essential nutrients. You can ask help from your vet for recommendations on the proper diet that your dog should follow to avoid excessive shedding.


Brush Regularly

Brushing your dog’s hair regularly is one of the most effective ways to manage hair shedding. Regular brushing can help to catch loose fur right before it gets to your couch or carpet. Brushing your pet’s hair can also help to minimize matting, which could result in the growth of bacteria and infection.

When it comes to brushing your dog’s hair, it’s essential that you choose the right type of brush. Also, you need to adhere to a proper brushing routine that can work well for your pooch. Regular brushing can also help promote blood flow, which is good for your pet. Furthermore, brushing your pet’s hair distributes natural oil evenly.

Remember that regularity is the key to brushing. Longhaired dogs must be brushed almost every single day. On the other hand, short-haired dogs only require brushing 1-2 times each week. If you’re not exactly sure how often you should brush your dog’s hair, start by brushing once every day. After a while, you should be able to gauge how often you should be brushing, depending on the amount of hair that comes off from the brush.


Take Your Dog Outdoors Regularly

For dogs that are considered seasonal shedder, there’s no way to prevent shedding. But take advantage of the changing of the season by spending more time with your pooch outdoors. You should take your pooch out regularly for long walks so it can shed hair outdoors.


Don’t Overdo Bathing

Regular bathing is important for your dog. Aside from helping to keep it clean, bathing can also help your dog’s fur and skin to stay healthy. However, excess bathing might dry out your dog’s skin and could lead to more shedding. Therefore, you should try to minimize the frequency of your dog’s bathing.

Also, when bathing your dog, always use a shampoo that’s designed specifically for dogs. Consult your veterinarian for advice on the best shampoo to use for your dog that will not contribute to the shedding of the hair. If shedding comes as a result of dry skin, then use pet shampoos that are soothing for the skin of your pooch.


Use An Air Purifier

As mentioned, hair shedding on dogs cannot be avoided since it’s a normal part of growing. While the hacks above can help to minimize the shedding, the best way to remove the presence of hair inside your home is to use an air purifier. A good quality air purifier can help to keep your surroundings clean and fresh by removing dust, dander, and pet hair.