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Tips For Helping Your Pets Heal After Spay Or Neuter Surgery

One of the most important decisions that pet owners have to make is whether to neuter/spay their dog. This procedure would require getting your lovely pet to undergo surgery, which is why a lot of pet owners hesitate when it comes to this.

But there’s nothing to worry about because your pet should be able to recover from the surgery for as long as you follow your vet’s advice. Plus, the benefits that come with getting your dog neutered or spayed are worth it.

So here are some tips on how you can help your pet heal fast after undergoing surgery.

Wait 14 Days For The Healing Process
You should wait for at least 14 days for your pet to heal from the surgery. This is about the same time that humans heal too. And just like people that need to refrain from doing certain activities after surgery, pets must also be restricted from doing any activities for a month or until the incision has healed.

The two-week period of waiting might seem like forever for an active pet, but it’s crucial that you strictly impose it to your pooch. Otherwise, the wound will get complicated, and the healing will take much longer.

Don’t Let Your Pet Move
You need to prevent your pet from doing any activities or movement, or the sutures will open up. This is especially important for female dogs. Because once the wound is opened, there won’t be any cover in your pet’s body that can protect the organs from going out. This can lead to serious medical consequences and even death.

For your male dog, any excessive movement could lead to bleeding, and this will fill the pet’s empty scrotal sac, which will rupture the scrotum especially if there’s enough buildup of pressure applied on the area. It will surely be very painful for your beloved pet.

Get An Elizabethan Collar
Your dog will feel uncomfortable after the surgery and could end up licking the wounded area to address the discomfort that it feels. And when your dog licks on it, there’s a good chance that bacteria will be introduced to the wound and that could lead to infection.

So to keep your pet from licking, get an Elizabethan Collar that you can put on your pet’s neck. When the collar is put on, your dog won’t be able to bend its head to lick the incision. It could take a while for the pet to get used to the dog cone, but it’s essential that you keep it on the pet’s neck all the time to avoid aggravating the problem.

Don’t Bathe Your Pet
This is a difficult rule to follow for some dog owners, especially if you just adopted your pet and it needs constant bathing.

Regardless of the situation, don’t ever bathe your dog right after surgery or you’ll end up introducing bacteria into the incision, and this can undoubtedly aggravate your pet’s wound, and you’ll have to wait even longer for your pet to get completely healed.

Check The Incision Regularly
It’s vital that you check your pet’s incision from time to time. So if you notice something unusual in it, you can immediately take your pet to the vet. Check for any discharge, swelling, or redness.

Also, you need to check if the wound is improving or if there’s a change in the way the incision looks. Any significant change should be reported to your vet or better yet, take your pet to the clinic for an immediate check-up.

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