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How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have?

Puppies are similar to human babies at birth, in the sense, they are also toothless and there ends the similarity.

While the first human tooth doesn’t sprout till around 6 months and a complete set of teeth appears only by the age of 3, puppies start teething as young as 2 weeks.

And by the end of 8-10 weeks, they have a full set of 28 deciduous teeth or baby teeth. Within six months, they will have a full set of 42 adult teeth. It is highly recommended to start brushing your dog’s teeth as early as possible.

The First Teeth To Develop
The incisors are the first to appear followed by canines and premolars. Puppies do not have molars at this stage as they feed only on milk and soft feed which does not require heavy-duty molars.

Teeth develop rapidly in puppies and by the end of 4 months the baby teeth start falling out and the adult teeth start growing. The molars grow by the time the puppy is 6 or 7 months old.

During this phase, your pup will gnaw away at almost anything in sight. To soothe his irritable gums give him any of the umpteen safe and healthy chew toys available in the market or be prepared to lose some precious shoes and cushions.

Types Of Dog Teeth

  1. Incisors: These teeth are small in size and are located in the front of the mouth. These teeth are primarily used to tear meat and chew on burs on the coat. Every dog has six incisors on top and six on the bottom.
  2. Canines: These are the long pointy teeth on the sides of the incisors to the side of the dog’s mouth. Due to their shape and sharpness, these teeth are used to puncture things, inflict wounds and to hold on objects and their preys. A dog has 4 canine teeth – two on top and top in the bottom. The lower canines keep the dog’s tongue in place.
  3. Premolars: There are 16 premolars in a dog’s mouth – 8 on top and 8 in the bottom. These teeth are placed next to the canines and have sharp edges. They are mainly used for sharing food into small pieces and for chewing.
  4. Molars: These are the furthest located set of teeth which are visible only when the mouth is fully opened by a vet. They are ten in number – four molars on top and six on the bottom. These teeth are flat and are mainly used for grinding and chewing food and bones.
Final Thoughts – Start A Dental Routine

Make sure that you adopt a healthy dental routine for your pet and which includes brushing its teeth regularly to prevent the build-up of tartar and plaque and to prevent periodontal diseases. Use only dog safe toothpaste and toothbrush.

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