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How Often To Bathe Your Dog?

If your dog could speak, it would shout out and say that he probably hates nothing more than being given a bath, however luxuriant bath times might be.

Giving a bath to your dog is not only a task for him but also a task for you; what with all the multitasking that you need to do and the back-breaking work it needs to keep your dog in place.

Using a specially formulated dog shampoo (here’s our recommendations) takes away a good deal of that trouble because it helps keep your pet clean and smelling good but how would you know how many times you should use it?

This is precisely why a lot of new pet parents have one question on their mind and that is how frequent should bath times really be? This is a tricky question and difficult to answer at one go because there are several deciding factors.

Let us find out some of those factors.

Is Bathing Frequently A Good Idea?
Unless your dog has a skin condition or infections that could intensify without a bath, it is not a good idea to bathe your dog frequently. This is because dogs tend to do self-grooming to help the hair follicles grow and to boost the health of their skin. Bathing only acts as a booster in the process.

If your dog spends most of his time indoors, you might only need to bathe him 4-5 times a year. However, if you give him a good deal of outdoor time then you might have to bring it down to once or twice a month, especially if you live in areas that are prone to accumulation of dust and dirt.

Bathing too often, when not required, can actually do more harm than good because it will end up damaging hair follicles, make the skin rough and irritable and create breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria.

How Often Is Good Enough?
The factors that decide how often you should bathe your dog are, its breed, its health, coat type and levels of activity. Yet another deciding factor is how your olfactory sense reacts to your dog’s odors. If your dog happens to be in the same room as you are and you smell doggy odors all around, then it definitely needs a bath. If its coat is covered in dried mud or dirt then it needs a bath as well as thorough brushing to keep matted hair at bay.

Always wash the body first and then move on to the head because your dog might give it a good shake and you will be drenched before you know it. Even if you are using a mild dog shampoo, make sure that you are not too close to the eyes because it might have chemicals that your dog could be allergic to.

Most importantly, you should consult your veterinarian who will recommend on how often you should give your dog a bath and the types of products to use for the best results.

Professional Groomer As An Option
Not all pet parents prefer doing it yourself when it comes to bathing your dog. This is because it only looks that simple but it never is, especially if you have a heavy-shedder.

Different coats require different products and only a professional groomer will be able to make out this difference efficiently.

If you have more than two dogs at home, there is no doubt that you might want to take your dog to a salon where the groomer will be able to recommend the frequency of bathing.

Final Thoughts – Don't Over bathe!

Dogs can live by with a far less amount of bathes as compared to us. Always consult with a professional groomer or a veterinarian to understand the optimal amount of baths to give to your pooch.

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