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How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears: A Complete Guide

One of the grooming skills that pet owners should learn is how to clean your dog’s ears. This can be somewhat tricky, especially for new pet owners who may not even know how often they should clean their dog’s ears.

So to help you with this, here’s everything you need to know on how to clean your pet’s ears and how often you should be doing it.

How Often Do You Have To Clean Your Dog’s Ears?
For dogs that are prone to ear infections, regular cleaning of your pet’s ears is crucial. But how often you should consider cleaning your dog’s ears? The answer will mainly depend on your pooch. Nevertheless, you should clean your pet’s ears often enough to prevent infections.

For some dogs, cleaning their ears once a month should be enough. But for other dogs that are prone to ear infections, cleaning their ears should be done every other week. Or if possible, it must be done once a week.

If your dog has already suffered from an ear infection in the past, the vet will most likely recommend that you clean its ears every day or every other day. Of course, the infection must also be treated with medications aside from cleaning the ears. But even if your dog has not suffered from an ear infection, cleaning their ears should be necessary, especially if they smell bad or look dirty.

Remember that your dog’s ears shouldn’t smell bad. If they produce a foul odor or yeasty smell, then consider that as a sign that your dog’s ears might be infected, and it’s about time that you take it to the vet. Other signs of ear infection are red and inflamed ears, ear discharge, and constant scratching and shaking of the ears.

Also, if your pet shrieks or cries whenever you touch its ears, then that means there’s a problem. When your dog’s ears are infected, this can be extremely painful for your pooch, so make sure to seek immediate medical treatment from your local veterinarian.

Step By Step Guide For Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears At Home
Here’s a step by step guide how to properly clean your dog’s ears.

  • First, prepare some cotton balls. You can also use gauze or any vet-approved dog ear cleaner. Make sure you seek approval from your vet before using any product on your pet’s ears to ensure that it’s safe and gentle for your pooch.
  • It can be pretty messy to clean your dog’s ears, so you need to prepare yourself for this. This is especially the case if the ears of your pet are extremely dirty. Consider cleaning during your dog’s bath so you can easily wash and clean up the mess afterward.
  • To clean, squeeze a small amount of ear cleaner into your pet’s ears and leave it to drip towards the ear canal. Gently massage around your pooch’s ear to spread the cleaning solution. This helps to break down the debris and wax. Let your pooch shake its head to remove the gunk.
  • Make sure you wipe your dog’s outer ear flap after cleaning. Include the inside ear as well. You can use gauze square or cotton ball for this. Wipe the ears as far down as you possibly can with the use of the gauze or cotton ball. Ear cleaners for dog have drying agent so anything that gets stuck on your dog’s ears will eventually dry up on its own.

For An Existing Ear Infection, Here’s A Few Additional Steps

  • If your dog has an ongoing ear infection and requires medication for treatment, apply the medication only after the ears have been cleaned and wiped. If you’re going to apply medication and the ears are dirty, it will defeat the purpose. Your dog will not be cured of the infection, and the treatment will be a waste.
  • When applying an ointment for treatment, try to position the tip of the dog cleaner just well above the ears, so you will see how many drops are getting into the ears of your pooch. Then gently massage the ear below.

Why Use A Dog Ear Cleaner?
You should definitely buy a dog ear cleaner for your pooch if your dog suffers from ear infection. This way you will prevent wax buildup and dirt which are usually the main causes of ear infections.

By using a dog ear cleaner, you will also be able to kill any bacteria that could be present and your dog won’t suffer from any ear infection anymore.

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