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5 Ways To Dog-Proof A Yard

It’s normal for dogs to play around, which may include running around your backyard. But this can lead to a disaster if you leave them on their own in your yard for too long. Because of their curious and playful nature, you could find your dog digging the soil, ruining the fence, and destroying your plants! Indeed, this can turn into a major issue for any dog owner.

Rest assured, there are ways to dog-proof your yard and avoid these mishaps. The key is to remove anything that can pose a threat to your dog.

Here are some tips to help keep your dog happy and safe while playing in your yard.

Build A Secure Fence
One of the best ways to keep your yard protected from your pooch is to secure it with a fence. Fence the area in your yard that you want to keep protected from your dog. That way, your dog will not end up wandering on these prohibited areas. This is also a great way to teach your dog the value of respecting boundaries.

For instance, if you’ve got a pool in your yard and you want to keep your dog from getting into it, then you should fence the pool area. There are pool fences that you can purchase if you don’t want to build it yourself. However, there are some areas where pool fences are subject to certain regulations so you may want to check that out before installing the fence.

If building a physical fence is not possible, there are invisible dog fences available too.

Check The Fence Often
After you have installed the fence, take the time to walk along with it and check the overall quality. Find out if there are any openings that might allow your dog to squeeze through. If there are, then you need to address them as soon as possible.

Remember that fencing is not a job that you only do once and you are done. You’ve got to regularly inspect the fence because your clever pooch might end up ruining some parts of the fence, giving them a chance to get through it.

Move Gardening Materials Away
If you have a garden in your yard, make sure you keep all your gardening materials away from your pooch. Materials such as fertilizers, compost, mulch, and pesticides might be toxic to your dogs. All of them are dangerous to your pet once they end up ingesting it. As you know, dogs are curious creatures and get very interested in any product that’s new to them.

Take Measures Against Local Predators
You also need to keep your dog protected against wildlife threats, especially if you live close to a forest. Birds of prey such as eagles, hawks, and large owls could target small pups. But they will keep a distance if they see large animals nearby. If you are concerned about birds of prey attacking your pooch, consider getting a shield-like coat for your pup.

Mountain lions, coyotes, and bears also pose a threat to your pet. However, there are things that you can install to repel these animals, such as motion sensor lights.

Consider The Weather
Just like humans, your canine buddy can also be affected by the harmful rays of the sun. Therefore, when the summer continues to get hotter and hotter, you need to do something to shield your pooch from the sun. If possible, minimize its exposure to sunlight as this could make it susceptible to heat stroke. For pooches that tend to spend a lot of time in the backyard during the hot summer days, bring them to the shady areas and always prepare lots of water for them to drink. Animals get dehydrated too, so you need to give them water from time to time.

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