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How To Get Your Picky Eater Dog To Eat: Everything You Need To Know

You’re probably concerned about your dog not eating enough lately. Sometimes, even if you feed your pooch with the most delicious dog food out there, it will just sniff it and give it a few licks. Well, that’s probably because you happen to have a picky eating dog!

So how can you make your dog eat? Read on for some helpful tips from the experts!

Mix Your Dog’s Foods
If you are trying to introduce new foods to your dog but your pooch still prefers to indulge in foods that it’s used to eating, consider combining the new food with the old food.

This can somehow trick your pooch into eating the new food, as the taste will be masked by the old stuff that your dog loves. For dog parents who have a hard time transitioning their canine companion into a new diet, this trick might also work.

Cut The Scraps
One of the reasons why dogs don’t eat the dog food that you are trying to give them is because dogs are used to eating table scraps. If your dog has been trained to eat this kind of food, then it will not appreciate the taste of store-bought dog food.

Therefore, you should stop feeding your pooch with foods from the table. This can somehow help to curb your dog’s spoiled approach on foods.

Don’t Give Your Dog Treats
It’s okay to give treats to your dog from time to time or during training, but don’t give too much of these treats. Otherwise, your dog will not find the need to eat its meal because it knows that it’s getting some treats.

So try to withhold giving your dog treats for a bit so it will not rely on them for its daily meals.

Add Chicken Broth
Chicken broth can help to make any kind of food taste better, and this applies to dog food, too! So if you feel that your dog is choosy on foods, try adding a little bit of chicken broth to give the food some flavor. Make sure you choose low sodium chicken broth. This should somehow encourage your dog to eat any food that you feed him.

Consider The Starvation Method
If your dog is just too stubborn that it will refuse anything that you try to feed it, then it’s time to apply the starvation method. Gentle starvation may be the only way to get your picky eating dog to eat any food. Start by placing the food on your dog’s bowl for about 30 minutes. If your canine buddy refuses to touch it, take the food away.

Wait until its next meal to try to feed it again. If your dog still refuses, then take the food again. Eventually, your furry friend will feel very hungry that it has no other choice but to eat whatever it is that you’re giving it. But if your dog refuses to eat no matter what, then it’s about time to visit the vet!

Using Dog Probiotics
While the tips mentioned above are effective in getting your picky dog to eat, it could take time for these methods to work on your pooch. Meanwhile, consider giving your dog some supplements, such as dog probiotics, so it will still get enough nutrients despite not eating well. The probiotics are also beneficial to your dogs in many ways.

Aside from giving your dog its much-needed vitamins and minerals, these supplements contain fatty acids that prevent bacteria growth. Furthermore, probiotics may also help treat irritable bowel, diarrhea, and other intestinal inflammation that your dog could suffer from.

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