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How To Keep Your Dog Healthy? A Complete Guide

As dog parents, you are solely responsible for the overall health and wellbeing of your canine companion. You need to ensure that your dog gets enough exercise and is following a proper diet. Proper grooming and regular check-ups at a vet are also important in keeping your dog in top shape.

You need to also familiarize with your dog’s eating habits, its sleeping patterns, and so on. The moment you notice a change in these habits, consider that as an indication that something may not be right with your pooch.

Here are some tips on how to keep your beloved dog healthy.

Visit Your Veterinary Regularly
To ensure that your dog stays healthy, regular veterinary care and check-up is a must. Look for a licensed vet that you can trust and schedule regular visits to get your dog checked.

Routine wellness examination must be done at least twice a year. Senior dogs and small puppies must visit a vet’s clinic more frequently. Consult with your vet regarding vaccinations, and if your pup has special needs or is suffering from certain illnesses, make sure you follow your vet’s recommendations regarding care and treatment.

Exercise Your Dog
Unfortunately, many dog owners don’t get to give their pooch enough exercise, which is vital in keeping them healthy and fit. Also, if you don’t get to spend enough quality time with your dog, this can lead to behavioral problems, as a result of anxiety and stress.

Remember that feeding your dog with a healthy diet is not enough. Your dog needs to burn the calories that it eats, which can be done through regular exercise. Otherwise, your dog will end up chewing your carpet, furniture, and pretty much anything it can find.

Supplement Diet With Dog Probiotics
Probiotics refer to beneficial bacteria that thrive in the digestive tract. Both humans and dogs can benefit from probiotics since it helps with digestion.

Furthermore, probiotics have Short Chain Fatty Acids that prevent the development of harmful bacteria in your dog’s body. Therefore, giving your dog probiotic supplements can help to keep it strong and healthy.

Do Regular Grooming
Remember that regular grooming is not only for fancy dogs. All dogs, regardless of their breed, must be provided with proper grooming for them to stay healthy.

Usually, the grooming needs of a dog will depend on its breed. But for dogs with special needs and those that are suffering from certain illnesses and allergies, special grooming methods might be applied. Short-haired dogs should be given monthly trimming, brushing, and bathing, while long-haired dogs require daily hair brushing.

Check Your Dog’s Dental Health
Your dog’s dental health is as equally important as its physical health, so you should also give priority to your pup’s dental care. If you don’t brush your dog’s teeth regularly, tartar and plaque could build up, and this can pose severe problems for your dog’s dental health.

So don’t wait until your dog starts suffering. You should provide proper dental care to your dog regularly. Consider taking your pooch to the vet because professional dental checkups are also necessary.

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