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How To Safely Keep Your Dog In The Yard

If you want to give your pooch the freedom to roam around your yard, make sure you install a reliable fence to ensure its safety. But there are some dogs that are excellent at escaping. If you leave them in the yard and they find something interesting on the other end, they will make use of their Houdini skills to get there no matter what.

This can be very frustrating for the dog owner. The last thing you want is for your dog to end up getting hit by a car out in the streets! But don’t worry because there are many things that you can do as a responsible pet parent to prevent your furry friend from escaping.

Get A Coyote Roller
The coyote roller is a long bar made of metal that you can directly attach to the fence to keep your dog from reaching it. Once your pet attempts to step on it to escape, it will roll like a rolling pin. That should be enough to stop it from leaving.

Although the coyote rollers are specifically designed to keep coyotes out of the fence, you can also use them to prevent your beloved pet from escaping. The roller would require mounting brackets for installation and end caps. However, you’ll find a complete set being sold online that already comes with everything.

Use An Invisible Dog Fence
Another way to protect your dog is by installing an invisible dog fence. Sometimes called the electric fence, this is a wired fence that’s often installed under the ground. It works like an electrically charged fence that will startle your pooch the moment it goes near it. But since it’s installed underground, there won’t be any physical fence that’s visible on your yard.

The electric charge that the fence will produce is just like a quick splash of water and will not hurt your pet in any way. It’s just enough to surprise your pet and prevent it from going out. This device will include instructions on the varying force that is recommended for the type of dog that you have, depending on the breed, weight, and other factors.

Build A Doggy Sandbox
For dogs that love to dig, the best solution is to get them a doggy sandbox. Digging is normal for most pets and this is already part of their nature so it can be hard to stop them. The only thing that you can do is to give your dog something to dig on so it will not end up digging areas in your yard that it isn’t supposed to.

Block The View
Sometimes, it’s the feeling of danger that will push your pooch to escape from the yard. If you’ve got a chain-like fence installed in your yard, attach plastic slats into it to block the view and make your pooch feel at ease. You can also use rolls of bamboo or other inexpensive alternatives. If you have a green thumb, consider growing some shrubs by the fence. This might take time, but it looks so much better and will not affect the view of your yard.

Give Your Dog Many Toys To Play With
Keep your dogs entertained by giving them plenty of toys. That way, they will forget about escaping. Sometimes, the reason why some dogs attempt to escape is that they feel bored. But if you give them lots of toys to play with, escaping would be the last thing on their mind.

Make sure you choose toys that are appealing to them. You can perhaps get one of those brain-training toys that can train your dog and keep it occupied. Try to hide some treats all over the garden and give your dog a place that’s comfortable for it to sit around and play with these toys.

Use Landscaping
Other effective barriers in your yard that can somehow help to prevent your dog from escaping are hedges, plants, and shrubs. So if you’ve got a green thumb or you simply love gardening, put your skills to good use. Grow lots of plants by the fence that will serve as a double barrier, which prevents your pooch from escaping.

Remove Anything That Can Help Your Dog Escape
There are probably some things in your yard that can help your dog to escape easily. Perhaps, there’s a garbage can by the fence where your pet can climb on and escape. Dogs are smart creatures and they can easily find ways to escape. So check around your yard to see if there are items that your pooch can use as a step stool to jump out of the fence.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these tips will help you to safely keep your pooch from escaping out of the fence in your yard. If indeed your dog ends up escaping, don’t ever punish it since this is not the right way to prevent your dog from escaping again. In fact, this will just scare your pooch even more and will make it feel afraid to go back.

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