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How To Stop Your Dog From Digging?

Dogs dig for many reasons and this can be very frustrating for the pet owner, especially if your pooch ends up digging your garden where your most precious plants are. Usually, dogs turn to digging when they are bored or if they are seeking attention, or it’s just part of their behavior and they’re not aware that it’s wrong.

How To Figure Out Why Your Dog Is Digging Holes?
As with any problem, the best way to address your dog’s digging behavior is to find out the reason behind it. Find out what are the things that have triggered your pet to dig holes and be sure to address them. But you need to understand that digging is a common trait for most dogs so it’s not only your dog that’s doing this. In fact, more than 83% of dog owners revealed that their dogs love to dig holes.

According to some animal experts, digging is a natural adaptive behavior observed in the wild. Therefore, digging is quite normal for dogs so you should not put in too much effort into stopping your dog from doing it.

But if you want to correct this behavior, here are some ways on how you can go about it.

Use Digging Deterrents
Perhaps your dog has developed a habit of digging on certain areas and it keeps on digging on that same place over and over again. The best thing that you can do is to discourage your dog from digging in these familiar haunts. You can perhaps build a fence in these areas. Make sure the fence is sturdy enough and not something that your dog can easily destroy.

Another option is to place some strong smelling deterrents on the area to discourage your pooch from going into the place and dig.

Take Advantage Of Pest Control
Perhaps, there are some pests in your yard that have triggered your pooch to dig to search for them. It could be some squirrels, gopher, rats, and other prey animals that tend to leave smells that are enticing to your pooch. So look for any signs of burrowing animals or invasive rodents in your yard. If you notice their presence, call a professional exterminator to remove them.

Walk Your Dog
There are certain breeds of dogs that would require your utmost attention. As mentioned above, one of the reasons why dogs would dig is because they are seeking attention. Or maybe your dogs just got bored and they are not getting enough exercise. This is especially applicable for active dogs that always crave for some action. In this case, the best thing that you can do is to walk them off or take them for a jog in the park.

Puppies are very prone to this kind of behavior. However, digging is a common behavior for dogs if they don’t get enough exercise. Therefore, try to spend more quality time with your pooch no matter how busy you may be.

Distract Your Dog
Dogs dig based on instinct and for them to have something to do. Because just like humans, dogs get bored too! Therefore, give your pooch something where it can channel this energy. Perhaps, you can get it some toys to play with so it doesn’t resort to digging.

Get An Automatic Dog Ball Launcher
One of the best ways to keep your pooch occupied and prevent it from digging is to get it an automatic dog ball launcher. This toy launches balls automatically and allows your dog to play on its own. Thus, your pooch will not feel bored anymore and the digging will stop.

Keep It Cool
The reason why your pooch might be digging is because of the heat. This can happen during the hot summer season and dogs dig to come up with a cool area for them to relax in. In this case, what you can do is to create a safe and cool place for your canine buddy to cool off in your yard.

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