How To Stop Your Dog's Nail Bleeding
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How To Stop Your Dog’s Nail Bleeding?

Sometimes, even while being extra careful, you may end up cutting too far and hurting your dog when cutting its nails. This could happen when you are grinding your dog’s nails too.

Nail bleeding must be stopped as soon as possible to avoid any infections and to save your carpet from hard-to-remove stains, which is why you ought to keep an emergency kit nearby when you sit down for a pooch nail trimming session.

Here’s What You Need To Stop The Bleeding

In the emergency kit, you need to have styptic powder or a styptic pencil, both of which can stop the bleeding quickly. They’re also available at most pharmacies and pet stores, which is a huge plus.

If your dog’s nail starts bleeding and you don’t have styptic powder or a styptic pencil at hand, you can use a home remedy as a temporary solution. Keep in mind that, although effective, home remedies aren’t as good as pharmaceutical solutions.

Depending on how bad the wound is, you also need to get a clean cloth, paper towel, and some ice and soap. Of course, water is necessary as well, and so are bandaged.

Here’s What You Have To Do To Stop The Bleeding

If you accidentally hit the quirk while cutting your dog’s nails, the first thing that you need to remember is to stay calm. If you panic, you may freak out your furry friend, which is never a good thing. So, as soon as you cut your dog’s nail and it starts bleeding, take a deep breath and proceed, as most nail trimming accidents are minor and can be treated at home.

When it comes to the actual treatment process that you need to follow, there are two ways to go depending on the severity of the bleeding.

For Minor Bleedings

Use a bar of clean soap to rub the wound. That should be enough to clean the affected area.

For Continuous Bleeding

If the bleeding is steady and won’t stop, you need to stop it before cleaning the wound. To do so, wrap some ice around the cut toe using the cloth or paper towels, which should lessen the blood flow a notch.

Next, get some styptic powder or a home remedy that can stop the bleeding, such as cornstarch, and gently dip the nail into the powder. Make sure to hold your dog firmly while doing so as the powder may sting at first.

Styptic powder is an antihemorrhagic agent that can speed up the coagulation process, but you may need to dip the wounded nail repeatedly if the bleeding doesn’t stop when you first do it.

When the bleeding ceases, continue compressing the paw using a paper towel or a clean cloth. Remember to do it gently as squeezing the wound can get you back to the first step.

Once you’re confident that the bleeding has stopped completely, clean the wound with lukewarm water and bandage to prevent infection.

There are two essential things to note here:

  • First, the dog shouldn’t be back on its feet for at least half an hour.
  • Second, if the bleeding doesn’t stop within 20 to 30 minutes, get your pooch to the veterinarian for proper care. You also need to consult a vet if your dog faces complications, such as a swollen or overly-red paw.

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