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How To Teach Your Dog To Fetch

Dogs love to play a fetching game. It’s a great way to keep them entertained, which also serves as a form of exercise. For some dogs, fetching is a natural skill. However, there are some dogs that need to be trained for it. Perhaps, they will run after the ball but will not return it. Some pets might just simply observe the ball as it is being thrown.

Teaching your dog fetching skills will simply require looking for a toy that your dog likes. This can be in the form of a ball.

Here are some tips on how you can teach your pooch to fetch.

Order Your Dog to Sit
It’s important that your pooch knows the importance of the sit command before you get started with your training. All games that involve fetching must start with you commanding your pooch to sit. Teach your pooch to sit calmly next to you when you say sit. Only when your pooch learns how to follow your command, you should move on to the next step. This is to make sure that once your pet finally understands the concept of the fetching game, it will not jump right into you to try to run after the ball before you even get to throw it.

Send It Out
After teaching your dog how to sit, it’s time to send your dog out. Throw the ball away and command “Fetch”. Most pets will instinctively run after the ball to chase it. If this is the kind of dog that you have, then you’re lucky! Otherwise, you may have to train your dog first on how to chase the ball.

To teach your dog how to fetch, start by giving it treats when it shows interest on the ball. Then work your way up by having your pooch to run after it and then giving it a treat once it catches the ball and returns it to you.

Call It Back
While it’s natural for some dogs to bring the ball back to you, most pets would simply ignore this part. That’s why it’s essential that you call your pooch back after it gets a hold of the ball. This is usually the part where pet owners would have difficulty training their pooch. Remember that if you can’t make your pooch to get back to you, then it’s not fetching that you’re playing.

What you can do to encourage your pooch to get back to you once it has gotten hold of the ball is to ensure that your dog has a strong understanding of some commands before you get started. So once your pooch picks the ball up, simply call it back and say come. You should speak with a happy voice and perhaps pat your legs. Once your dog follows your command, give it praise.

If your pooch is having trouble obeying this command, try to shorten the distance when throwing the ball. Start by throwing the ball just a few feet away and then gradually increase as you go.

Use A Release Command
Sometimes, it can be difficult to teach your pooch to give the ball back to you when it’s holding the ball back in its mouth. That’s why it’s important that your pooch understands the release command. You can say, “drop it” and encourage your pooch to put the ball down or give it to you. When your pooch follows your command, praise him or give him a treat. Then throw the ball over again.

If your pooch doesn’t release the ball despite you commanding it, you can give your pet some treats. Only give the treat once your dog follows your command, which is to drop the ball or give it back to you.

Using An Automatic Dog Ball Launcher For Endless Fun
It’s not enough that you train your dog with fetching. You also need to let your dog practice the skill regularly. If you don’t have the time and the patience to practice with your pooch, then use an automatic dog ball launcher. The launcher will fetch the ball automatically without requiring any effort on your part.

Final Thoughts

Teaching your dog to fetch should be easy. However, if your pooch doesn’t pick up the skill immediately, don’t pressure your pet into it. Be very patient with your pooch and be consistent with training and practice. Try to allocate a few hours of your time each day to train your pooch. Soon enough, your efforts will pay off. And after you have successfully taught your pet the skill of fetching, let it practice with the help of an automatic dog ball launcher. With constant practice, your dog will eventually become a master of fetching!

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