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Is Your Dog A Pure Breed Or A Mutt

Is Your Dog A Pure Breed Or A Mutt?


Have you ever been stumped by questions on your dog's breed?

Are you confused with the contrast in your dog's looks and personality?

To put your unrest to rest, you can opt to test your dog's DNA. This allows you to identify who its ancestors were and whether it is a purebred or just an adorable mutt.

3 Methods To Know



The national breed club has formulated a set of standards for the physical appearance and behavioral traits of each individual dog breed.

The American Kennel Club or AKC has approved these standards.

These standards include the coat, its texture, and shape of the head, the shape of ears, the built and frame of the canine, its temperament and its gait. When they find any dog not fitting any of the above traits it is considered to be a poor breed or not the particular breed at all.


Your Veterinarian

These pet doctors often are experienced in treating various breeds and have ample knowledge of all breeds, especially purebreds.

There are certain health conditions that are very specific to certain breeds; for example, German Shepherds are prone to eczema while Russel Terrier often ends up having glaucoma.

They will help you identify the true nature of your pet.


DNA testing

Probably one of the most efficient methods to determine the pedigree of your canine friend, DNA test was originally designed to identify the genetic makeup of mixed breeds.

The DNA of your dog can be compared with the breed you believe your dog is and obtain results.

Most of the DNA tests for dogs are accurate and identify the breed of a canine. The challenge comes when the dog is of mixed breed.

DNA testing in dogs is still in its infancy and it is not possible to identify all the breeds that might have contributed to your dog. And generations of mixed breed parentage makes it even harder to identify all the genes. Invariably only the dominant genes will be identified.

Final Thoughts – Yes, It Matters For Health Reasons

Your pup will be your buddy irrespective of its ancestry, but it is important to know if your dog is a purebred or a mutt because it will justify the huge sum you spent in getting it but far more importantly you will be aware of any health risks in advance.

This will give you ample time to take all the necessary precautions to protect the health of your fuzzy friend.