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5 Tips For Leaving Your Dog Alone At Home

5 Tips For Leaving Your Dog Alone At Home


As dog owners, we definitely prefer to spend most of our time each day playing with our pooch. But in this busy modern world that we live in, this might just seem impossible to achieve. We have other things to attend to. Aside from working a full-time job, we also need to spend time with our family and friends!

In as much as we want to dedicate all our time to our beloved pet, there are some cases when we have to leave them at home.

When it comes to this, here are some tips to keep in mind.


Allocate A Place For The Dog Bathroom

You don’t want your pet to relieve itself on your sofa or kitchen floor. Therefore, allocate a designated place in your home for this. Make sure you place grass pads on the area where your pet can comfortably relieve itself.

Grass pads are very popular among households with pets, most especially in the urban areas and for those who live in condominiums that don’t have a spacious yard. These are available in different sizes, and you can go for real or synthetic grass with these pads.


Keep Your Dog Active

Dogs require mental stimulation to stay occupied. Otherwise, they will end up feeling bored when alone, which is when they will chew your precious things or rummage through the trash.

So to prevent this from happening, give your dog something to keep it entertained before you leave it alone at home. You can maybe turn the TV on, play some good music, give your dog toys, or open the window so that your pet can have a good view of the outdoors.


Tire Your Dog

Before leaving your home, take your dog out for some exercise. That way, your pet will feel tired and would rather spend the rest of the day sleeping while you are away.

Depending on the breed of your dog, health condition, and body type, you can let it exercise for a few minutes up to several hours. Before going to work, take your dog out for a walk or play fetch. This will tire your dog out, and it will end up sleeping when you arrive home.


Get An Automatic Dog Feeder

Before leaving your pet alone, you need to make sure that it has enough food to eat. Therefore, having an automatic dog feeder that will automatically feed your pet on your behalf would be very useful.

The device can be programmed to release food at a certain time of the day, so even if you’re not around, your pooch will be fed regularly.


Get Some Help

If you have a lot of things in your hand and you can’t find some time to help your pooch go to the toilet, exercise, and eat, you might as well pay for someone to watch over your pet. This is especially useful if your pet is still a small puppy that requires utmost attention.