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7 Best Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds For People Who Work Full Time

So you’re thinking of getting a dog, but you don’t have the luxury of time to take care of it. Perhaps, you have your full-time job, and you need to attend to your kids as well. Remember that having a dog requires commitment. You cannot just get a dog and leave it alone to fend for itself! Just like your kids, your pet also needs your time and attention.

Thankfully, there are low-maintenance dogs that won’t require much of your time to take care of. So if you’re someone who has a lot on your hands, yet you’re dying to have your pet, you may want to consider getting one of these breeds.

Below is a list of the best low maintenance dogs that busy people should consider adopting.

Basset Hound
Basset hounds are dogs that would prefer to sleep most of the time, which is why you don’t need to dedicate a lot of your time to take care of this dog. Furthermore, these dogs are pet-friendly and kid loving, so they are great for families with small kids. A basset hound would prefer to sit in the couch all day long.

For people with allergies, the Maltese would be a great pet to own. It may have a fluffy coat, but this pet is hypoallergenic and will not shed a lot of hair.

Also, this small breed of dog doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and can thrive in small spaces, making it a great companion for people who live in tiny apartments.

Chihuahuas are very tiny dogs that won’t require a lot of your time to take care. Despite their small size, these dogs have a long lifespan of 12 to 20 years! With a height of only 8 inches and a weight of 3 to 6 pounds, these small dogs are fun to cuddle.

They won’t mind spending the rest of their day alone. Therefore, it’s a great pet for those who need to go to work every single day.

The Greyhound breed comes from Egypt and is known for being gentle and affectionate. In fact, it’s a favorite dog among the royalty, such as Queen Elizabeth I.

These dogs are not too difficult to train and are very loyal. They prefer to nap all day long, so they are perfect for people who need to leave home for work.

Shar Pei
Shar Pei is among the most adorable dog breeds, known for its wrinkled skin and black tongue. These pets are ideal for pet owners who need to leave home for work each day since this breed doesn’t mind staying all day in solitary. However, this pooch requires proper training before it can be left on its own.

French Bulldog
The French bulldog is a companion dog that can make for a perfect addition to your family.

This dog is not too big, so it can survive in small homes and apartments. Above all, it doesn’t require a lot of attention as it can manage to live on its own.

Also known as “poor man’s Greyhound”, the whippet has the same characteristics as the racing breeds. They are ideal for families with kids because they are very friendly and sociable.

These dogs are also easy to train, and they wouldn’t mind if they are left alone the whole day.

Why Get An Automatic Dog Feeder To Feed Your Dog?
Busy pet parents should consider getting an automatic dog feeder. This device will feed your dog automatically when you’re not around. You can set it to feed your dog at a specific time each day while you are away at work.

With this canine accessory, even busy individuals should be able to raise healthy and active dogs.

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