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PetSafe PIF-300 Wireless Containment Fence System Review – Is It Worth It?


Pets that have been left to roam often drag home anything from bones to old shoes. Also, this can lead to safety hazards for both your pets and for the general public. With the PetSafe PIF300 Wireless Pet Containment System, it saves you the hustle of chaining your pet to keep it around.

PetSafe PIF300 Wireless Pet Containment System

This wireless fence comes well-packaged in a box. It has rechargeable waterproof collars (requires 6 volt battery), a wireless transmitter with power adapter, test light tool, 50 boundary training flags, and 2 long contact points. It also comes with a fairly detailed instructional manual and training guides.

The waterproof receiver collars offer a tone-only mode beep alert for training. If used correctly, the training will take just 2 weeks to complete. Depending on the frequency of use, the collar when fully charged lasts up to 3 weeks per charge and charges fast in only 2-3 hours. It is designed for pets weighing 8 pounds or more and with a neck size of 6 to 28 inches.

How Does The Containment System Work?

PetSafe PIF300 Wireless Pet Containment System works by creating an invisible and adjustable circular boundary that extends to up to 1/2 acre or 180 feet in diameter. It uses a radio signal from your PIF-300 transmitter to your dog's collar. Ideally, your dog should be more than 6 months old and respond to basic commands such as sit and stay.

If the dog forgets and wanders from the newly erected virtual boundary, they are reminded with a static correction.

The dog is also alerted with a beeping sound.

The receiver collar should not be left on your pet for more than 12 consecutive hours. Owners are advised to check with their veterinarian if their dogs are aggressive. For users that have concerns of the circle boundary, there is no need to worry as it is invisible. Your backyard view will not be obstructed with the wireless containment system.

Setting Up The PIF-300 Wireless Fence

The first step is to choose a suitable location for your transmitter. We recommend placing your transmitter in a well accessible area roughly in the centre of your house. This ensures that the boundary is even and not lop-sided.

Next, plug the transmitter on a dry, well ventilated, protected area on a standard unit on a wall preferably 0.5-1 meter above the ground floor (of your home). Ensure the temperature at this place do not drop below the freezing point. Turn it on and adjust the boundary control knob to 8, while making sure that the boundary switch is set to high.

Prepare the collar by charging it to full charge (2-3 hours). Turn it on and set the static stimulation at 2 or high. Use the test light tool to ensure that the contacts are connected with the collar.

Walk out into the yard while holding the receiver collar down low. The test light tool will illuminate, and the collar beeps at the boundary of the containment area. Use the flags to mark the boundary area.

Fit the collar onto the dog. The dog should be standing upright. Place the contact points underneath the pet's neck. Insert a finger between pet's neck and contact points to prevent excessive pressure. Adjust appropriately if needed. For a dog with a large fur, trim it to ensure contact. Train your dog for around 2 weeks and enjoy the additional freedom that comes with it.

What Did We like?

Everyone including pets grows tired of the same routine and poo spots. With PetSafe PIF300 you can now adjust the containment area (bigger or smaller). Adjustments include the size area which is adjusted by correcting the boundary dial. The whole containment area can also be relocated by moving the transmitter within your yard. Remember that the transmitter is at the center of the circular boundary it creates, and the flags offer a visual cue to the dog training and afterward.

How safe is the system?

Unlike buried wires which pose a risk to you and your pet, this system is comfortable and safe. The static correction is harmless and acts as a deterrence to get your pet's attention. The correction signal mechanism goes off in 30 seconds and will only repeat after once every 5 minutes.

The system is also ideal for households with multiple dogs. It handles an unlimited number of pets as long as each pooch has its receiver collar. When purchasing additional collars, make sure they are compatible with your PetSafe PIF300 system. It is important to note that wireless collars and transmitters aren't compatible with in-ground systems and collars.

The PetSafe PIF300 Wireless Pet Containment System makes sure your dog behaves when it accompanies you in your outings. The system is portable and compact making it suitable for traveling. No special skills, tools or assembly are needed for setup and pet owners need not be uneasy.

The waterproof receiver and collar make this system highly adaptable to all kinds of weather condition. Though it can get wet, owners are advised not to submerge it in the water for long periods as it can cause damage. The collar is also lightweight and allows your pet to move and play around stress-free.

The collar also comes with longer and shorter prongs, making it suitable to accommodate both larger and smaller pets.

What We Didn't Like?

It's definitely on the pricer side of the various wireless dog fences which we looked it. But comparing it with other models in the market currently, the PIF-300 is one of the most convenient and portable options of getting a wireless fence up and running.

Also, the dog collar that comes with this device has only one color and design.


Reviews from verified purchasers are overwhelmingly positive, and they clearly show that PetSafe PIF300 is incredibly popular and effective. The few complaints like the system inability to keep other pets away are normal and apply to any wireless fence.

Overall, we highly recommend the PetSafe PIF-300 due to its effectiveness and portability. No other wireless fence can beat that. Give the PIF-300 a go if your wallet allows!