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7 Reasons To Use A Martingale Collar For Your Dog

When looking for a collar to buy for your pooch, you’ll probably come across the Martingale collar. This dog collar is ideal for all breeds of dogs, and it’s a great choice for pet owners that want to have full control over their pet, whether during training sessions or outdoor walks. Compared to other dog collars in the market, the Martingale collar has more safety features, which is why it comes highly recommended by dog experts.

If that’s not enough to convince you, then here are more reasons why you should get a Martingale collar for your pooch.

Helps With Training
If you need a collar for dog training, the martingale collar is a great choice. In fact, this dog collar is made especially for dog training since it slightly tightens whenever your pet attempts to pull the leash. This will give your dog a warning to show it that it isn’t supposed to pull.

But there’s no need to worry about hurting your pet in the process because the collar will tighten just a little bit and won’t choke your pet. If you need to train your dog with good manners while on the leash, then the Martingale collar is a great training tool to use.

Usually Comes With A Leather Collar
Most of the Martingale dog collars are made from durable leather material. Aside from being durable, the leather will look great on your dog’s neck. The natural beauty of the leather dog collar looks elegant, and your pooch will surely be the center of attention when you take it for a walk outside.

Of course, when it comes to durability, the leather material will not disappoint. Thus, buying a Martingale leather dog collar is certainly a good idea.

Makes It Difficult For Your Dog To Slip
Dogs are curious animals, and they love to wander around whenever they find something interesting. Sometimes, they will do their best to let go of their collar so that they can escape from you and go to wherever they want to.

If you have a dog that’s fond of slipping out of its collar when you go for a walk, the Martingale collar would be your best bet. This collar is especially great for dogs that have narrow heads like the shelties, whippets, and greyhounds. Because of their narrow shaped heads, it’s often easier for them to slip through.

Prevents Neck Injuries
As mentioned, collars like the choke and prong collars tend to harm your dog since they keep on getting tighter and tighter whenever your pooch pulls. But this will not be the case with the Martingale collar since it will fit loosely on your dog’s neck and will only tighten when necessary. The collar distributes the pressure around the neck evenly instead of only concentrating in a specific area.

It’s Safer Than A Choke Collar
As pet owners, the last thing we want is to see our pet whine in pain. With the martingale collar, your pet will be safe and will not suffer from any pain due to choking. It’s much safer and gentler than a choke or prong collar.

These two collars tend to hurt your pet during training, but the Martingale collar will only tighten slightly as some sort of a warning to your pet. It can be used safely in small puppies and even senior dogs.

Gives You Full Control Over Your Pet
There are certain breeds of dogs that have much wider necks making it easy for you to harness them. But this is not the case for breeds with smaller necks and longer necks since they don’t stick to a normal leash.

They can simply wiggle their neck away as a sign of protest, and this can be a challenge during training. With the Martingale collar, this problem can be avoided because the collar will allow you to have full control over your pet, even if it has a small or long neck.

It’s Very Stylish
You’ll find different colors and designs for the Martingale collars and all of them look stylish. For instance, the chain martingale collar is made from heavy-duty nylon on its first loop, and there’s a steel chain attached on the second loop. There’s also an embroidered nylon martingale collar that will look great on your pooch’s neck.

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