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5 Easy Steps To Remove Pet Hair From Air

Sure, you love everything about your cute furry friend, but you probably hate the fact that its hair is all over the place! Pet hair can be genuinely irritating, especially when it starts accumulating in your carpets, furniture, clothing etc.

But there is no need to give your beloved pet for adoption just because you are tired of seeing its hair scattered all over your home. There are many ways you can deal with those pesky hairs.

Below are some tricks that can help to minimize the number of pet hairs that will spread all over the air in your surroundings.

Get An Air Purifier
One sure way to remove the presence of pet hair in your indoor air is to use a good air purifier. These purifiers can help to circulate air indoors and remove pet hair, including the microscopic allergens and invisible particles that might pose a danger to your health. Remember, some of these hairs are so tiny that it’s difficult to see them with a naked eye. Thus, the best way to filter them from your indoor air is to use a purifier.

If you or any member of your household is suffering from pet allergies, an air purifier will undoubtedly be a big help. It can help to eliminate the presence of allergens in your home, including pet hair and dander. Even if you regularly dust, clean, and vacuum your home, there are still some particles that will be released into the air that are not visible.

Limit The Area Where Your Pet Can Move
If you have big spaces inside your house, limiting your pet’s area of activity should be easy. You simply have to rope-off certain areas to prevent your dog from getting into them. In doing so, you will be able to minimize the spread of dander and hair in your house. This is very important if someone in your family suffers from pet allergies.

Some of the areas in your house that should be off-limits to your pets are your kids’ bedroom and the kitchen. You don’t want your kids to get sick because of pet hair. Also, your kitchen is where you prepare your food so it should be clean at all times and free from any pet dander or hair.

Use A Damp Cloth
Pet hairs don’t go well with water. Therefore, if you notice any presence of pet hair in your furniture, simply wet a cloth and wipe it into the affected area. The hair will clamp easily into the cloth because of the presence of water.

Aside from damp cloth, you can also use rubber gloves to remove these hairs. Simply dip the gloves in water and rub them directly to the surface. You’ll notice that this will make it easier for you to take them all off.

Buy A Dander Remover Spray
A dander remover spray is effective at removing not only the presence of dander in the air but also pet hair as well. The spray contains natural enzymes that can effectively eliminate pet hair and dander while reducing odor as well. Thus, your home will smell fresh at all times.

The dander remover spray is ideal for pet owners who have dogs and cats at home. If a visiting guest is allergic to your pet, you can simply spray the place with the dander remover spray, and that should take care of the problem. Choose a dander remover spray that comes with disposable wipes so it will be convenient for you to wipe off any excess.

Clean Regularly
Cleaning your house regularly can help to minimize the presence of pet hair and dander. Invest in a powerful vacuum that can suck pet hair and other small particles even from the most challenging areas to reach, such as carpeted stairs and thick carpets. When buying a vacuum cleaner, look for an efficient machine that has adequate filtration. This vacuum could suck up all the pet hair even before they get into the air.

Aside from vacuuming regularly, you must also take the time to dust off your furniture, wipe the tables, cabinets, and other furniture in your home. This should help to remove pet hairs that have gotten into these items. Finish off with a damp mop to make sure that all hair and other particles are entirely removed.

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