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5 Signs Of A Healthy Dog

The earlier you detect your dog’s medical issues, the higher the chances of treating its condition. Therefore, as a canine owner, you should always keep an eye out on your furry pup, and if you notice anything weird, consider taking it to a vet. This can save you a lot of money, stress, and time in the future.

Here are some of the signs that show that your dog is healthy.

Fresh Breath
One of the signs of good health on dogs is a relatively healthy mouth and fresh smelling breath. So take time to check your dog’s mouth, and if you notice any strange smell, take your pup to the vet.

If your dog suffers from gingivitis or periodontitis, this could mean that your pooch has underlying severe health issues that need to be treated immediately.

Lean Weight
Obesity is also a concern among dogs. Excessive weight gain can pose problems on dogs just like it does in humans. This could make your dog suffer from heart and lung diseases, diabetes, bone, and joint disease, or it could be an indication of more serious medical conditions such as canine cancer.

Also, if you notice that your dog has lost a significant amount of weight, then you should get it checked by a vet as soon as possible.

Shiny Coat
If your dog is healthy, then that will show on its coat. Healthy dogs have a clean and shiny coat as a result of normal shedding and natural oils. You don’t need to bathe your canine companion regularly except when it becomes extremely dirty.

Do keep a lookout for frequent scratching, chewing, or licking. As that could mean that your pooch could be suffering from skin allergies or irritation, although this can also mean that fleas or bugs have infested your dog.

High Energy Levels
If your dog is always excited to play or spend time with you, then consider that a sign of good health. But if your dog starts behaving strangely and would rather choose to be alone, that could mean your dog is unhealthy.

In fact, most dog owners have discovered their dog’s illnesses through behavior changes. Always pay close attention to your dog’s behavior and schedule a visit to a veterinarian when something seems out of the ordinary.

Regular Bowel Movements
Check your dog’s poop to see if your dog has healthy bowel movements. If you notice mucus, blood, eggs, worms, or other strange discoloration in your dog’s poop, then that could be a sign that your canine companion is suffering from certain illnesses.

This could mean that your dog is suffering from allergies, bacterial infection, parasites, viral infection, pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, or has ingested some toxic substances.

How Can Dog Probiotics Help Your Pooch Be Healthy?
Your dog can greatly benefit from canine formulated probiotics. These bacteria can help your dog’s digestion and modulate its immune system. These products can also inhibit the development of harmful bacteria. Thus, your dog will stay healthy and active. Above all, supplementing your dogs with probiotics can also help to reduce allergic reactions and prevent urinary tract infections.

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