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5 Summer Activities To Do With Your Pooch

5 Summer Activities To Do With Your Pooch


Now that the sun is up and the temperatures are warmer, playing with your pooch outdoors is tempting. Summer is the best time to become more active and as a dog owner, you don’t want our pooch to miss out on the summer fun. However, it’s hard to decide what to do with so many options available.

Here are some fun summer activities that you can enjoy with your pooch this summer.


Go To The Beach

Just like kids, your pup will surely love hanging out at the beach. So why don’t you take it out for a day at the beach this summer?

When looking for a beach to take your pooch, make sure you choose a dog-friendly beach. Do a bit of research and look for a local beach in your area that allows pets. Also, there are some beaches and resorts that will only allow the pets at their vicinity at a particular time of the day. If you’re not sure or if you can’t find any information, you better give them a call. The last thing you want is to travel several miles to reach the beach only to be denied entry since they don’t allow any pets on their beach.


Take A Hike

If you are into adventure, then have your pet join you in some of your outdoor activities this summer. You can perhaps take your pet hiking and camping in the woods or just simply explore the rural environment. Whenever you go for a long hike, don’t forget to take a break along the way. Just like humans, pets can get tired too. Also, always look for a dog-friendly trail to ensure a smooth hike with your dog.


Dine Outside

If you like going outdoors to dine, then take your pet with you! These days, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants that are pet-friendly. You can also take them to a dog-friendly mall for some window-shopping. Your dog will also love going picnic with you at the park.

Do your research in advance and find out which restaurants, cafes and malls in your area are pet-friendly. There are some restaurants that allow pets only in the outdoor area, which might have limited space so you better call in advance for a reservation. Do check out those cafes that also serve pet-friendly food and drinks for your pooch.


Go Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is a great way to keep your pooch’s mind and body active. So take your dog into the woods every once in a while for treasure hunting. You can do this at the park, at the woods, or by the riverside. Make your dog watch you as you hide the treat and eventually, your dog will figure out the game.

Play With An Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

Just like little kids, dogs love playing with balls. But it can be tiring for the pet owner to keep on throwing the ball manually. In fact, this can sore your arms and is not suitable for pet owners who are older and are suffering from body aches and pains. In this case, the best solution is to get yourself an automatic dog ball launcher that will automatically launch the ball towards your pooch.

Final Thoughts

Summer is a perfect time to enjoy some fun outdoor activities with your furry friends. But before you take part in any outdoor activities, make sure it’s safe for your canine companion. As much as possible, avoid exposing them directly to sunlight since they could suffer from heat stroke and heat exhaustion.