Tracking Your Dogs Body Temperature Just Got Easier
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Tracking Your Dog’s Body Temperature Just Got Easier

Being a pet parent is exhaustive in itself and it becomes all the more overwhelming when they fall sick. If your dog is sick and you need to track its temperature frequently, you could easily feel like giving up if you are not aware of the ways in which you can make the whole process easier.

This is why veterinarians recommend that all pet parents should have a basic idea of the first idea.

Tracking body temperature is a significant part of first aid in canines and if you are not sure of the process, here is a brief outline of what you could do.

How Check Your Dog’s Temperature
Dogs, unlike humans, cannot be checked for a fever orally. There are specialized thermometers that can measure a dog’s body temperature and there is no need to use the ones meant for humans because they will not work effectively. Never try to check the temperature orally because there is the fear of being bitten and even worse, of your dog trying to swallow the thermometer. Moreover, the reading will never be accurate.

If you want accurate readings then the best way to check will be a rectal reading. It only sounds impossible until it is done and although it might be uncomfortable for your dog initially, it will adjust in a short span.

The first step is to plan and have a list of things that you will need. The primary things that you will need are a specialized thermometer and a lubricant. You can choose from oil-based to water-based lubricants. You can also opt for baby oil or petroleum jelly but the first two options are the safest.

If your dog is a first-timer, expect a good deal of movement and refusal to give in. Do not try to check the temperature all alone. Have someone at hand to hold your dog in position so that you can place the thermometer in the rectus conveniently. The person holding your dog hold the neck and the belly gently while you lift the tail and push the thermometer an inch or so into the anus as gently but as swiftly as possible. Start the reading and take it out as soon as it beeps.

Is There A Different Method?
Not many people will tell you that there is a different way of checking your dog’s temperature if he or she is uncomfortable with a rectal reading. You will be glad to know that there is and it can be done by placing the thermometer in your dog’s armpit area and keep its arms pinned down till you hear the thermometer beeping.

An effective reading would be to add one degree to this temperature to make out the actual body temperature of your dog.

However, if you are unsure of this method, you can always go to a vet to confirm your readings.

The thermometer that you use for your dog should be specially designed for pets and must have a label as well. This will prevent accidental usage by other human members of the household. A thermometer is an important part of your dog’s first aid kit so please ensure that you have the best and the safest one possible.

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