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5 Time Saving Hacks For Busy Dog Owners

Caring for a dog requires utmost dedication and this can be a challenge for busy dog parents out there. Just like with caring for your kids, you need to spend some quality time with your furry friend and make it feel loved and appreciated.

Dogs are part of our family, so they also deserve to be treated just like any other family member. So despite your busy schedule, you should still find time to accommodate your dog’s needs and give them the care and attention that they deserve.

If you’re struggling to dedicate some of your precious time to your canine companion, here are some time-saving hacks that can be a great help for you. These hacks are guaranteed to help you save time, so read on!

Get A Squeegee For Your Dog’s Hair
Hair shedding is a normal part of a dog’s life and some pups shed more than others. If you have floors made of hardwood, then you’re lucky because cleaning is as easy as sweeping the hair with a broom and using a dustpan to collect it. But for homeowners who have carpeted floors, removing the pet hairs requires a lot of effort and time. The solution? Get a squeegee.

The squeegee for dog hair can make removing pet hair from upholstery and carpeted floors easier and faster. You simply have to squeegee over the area that’s covered with hair and you will be able to remove all the pet hairs that have gotten into your carpet!

Put Some Dog’s Toothpaste On Chew Toys
Brushing is important for dogs but if you got no time and patience for this, your best bet is to place toothpaste on the toys that your furry friend loves to chew on! This simple hack is a great way to keep your pooch’s dental health protected if you don’t have the time to spare to brush its teeth every single day.

Take Advantage Of Auto Ship For Dog Foods
In this day and age of technology, ordering products for your pooch has never been so convenient and easy. But you can save even more time and money if you set up the “auto-ship” option with the supplier of your dog’s foods and supplies. With this option, the pet store will automatically send out dog foods to your doorstep without you having to initiate anything. The food will be sent to you at a date and time you have chosen. Thus, you will not have to worry about running out of dog food in the middle of the night.

Make DIY Pill Pockets
Is it a challenge to get your pooch to take its pills?

If so, then there’s a hack that you can follow. You simply have to mix the peanut butter and arrowroot powder together, ¼ cup each. This will form a moldable but non-sticky texture that you can use to wrap the pill to mask its taste. Thus, your dog will be tricked into taking the pill.

Bath Your Dog In Baby Powder
If you got no time to give your dog a full bath, then the solution is to use baby powder to keep your pooch stay clean and smell fresh. Simply sprinkle a generous amount of this fresh-smelling powder into your dog. This can also help to address mats and tangles in your pooch’s hair and absorb the odor, dirt, dust, and debris.

Use An Automatic Dog Ball Launcher
Is your dog active and playful yet you don’t have the luxury of time to play with it? The solution is to get an automatic dog ball launcher that will automatically launch balls towards your canine buddy without any human intervention. With this tool, your pooch can play by itself and you can go on with your daily tasks uninterrupted.

This provides them with hours of endless fun and enjoyment.

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