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7 Tips To Get Rid Of Dog Smell In Your House

Sure, you love your pet but that doesn’t mean you have to live in a stinky house. Aside from being embarrassed when guests come over for a visit, a house that smells of pets could lead to many problems. This could be a sign that there are some bacteria lingering somewhere in your house and if you have small kids whose immune system is weak, then it could be a huge risk. Therefore, you should not ignore the pet smell in your house. You need to do something to get rid of it and here are some tips on how to do just that.

Mop The Floor Daily
You should keep your house clean at all times to prevent it from smelling bad. Therefore, mop your floors regularly to remove all the dander and other particles that could be causing the bad smell. Aside from the dander, hair and dust particles coming from your pet may be the reason behind the smell.

Sweep the floor gently and properly and don’t do it in haste. Otherwise, these particles could spread all over the place. Delicately sweep the floor and try to find time to mop once a day.

Use An Air Purifier
Getting an air purifier for pet odor is a great idea. An air purifier can help to keep the air inside your home stay clean and fresh, which masks out the pet odor. You’ll find different kinds of air purifiers in the market now but choose a model that’s designed specifically for pet odors.

High-quality air purifiers are a great investment because aside from filtering particulate matters from the air, they are also capable of killing fungi and bacteria. This can help minimize the presence of odor-causing particles in your home.

Wash Your Pet’s Bed
Perhaps, it is your pet’s bed that’s causing the bad smell in your home. As you know, it’s a place that your pet lingers every single day, so there’s a good chance that it’s now filled with saliva, dirt, dander, urine, hair etc.

Therefore, take the time to wash and clean your pet’s bed. If possible, buy a bed that is machine washable. That way, you just need to take the cover off when it’s time to wash and place it in the washing machine.

Check the bed carefully, if there are stains and make sure to remove them because that might be the reason for the awful smell in your house.

Steam Clean Your Carpets
As soon as you remove the dry materials, grab a steam cleaner to remove any odors that might have been trapped somewhere in the fibers of the carpets. If you don’t mind spending a little bit of money, consider hiring the services of professional carpet cleaning services. Otherwise, you can do it yourself. Just make sure you use cleaning products that are pet-friendly.

When cleaning your carpet, secure your dog in the backyard or garage. Make sure that the carpets have been dried completely before you put your dog back into the house.

Wash All The Linens
Almost any kind of fabric in your house is capable of absorbing odors. Therefore, wash all the linens and everything else that is made of fabric. This should include the bed linen and covers for the throw pillows, couch etc. Before you put them back to where they belong, make sure that you first dry them completely.

If you spend a lot of time cuddling with your dog, then there’s a good chance that your clothes might smell like your pooch. Therefore, make sure to wash your clothing well to remove any dog smell. Use a fabric freshener afterward.

Replace Air Filters Regularly
Take the time to replace the air filters in your home regularly, as this might be the reason behind the smell. Clogged air filters can also make your HVAC system to work less efficiently by reducing the amount of air that flows into your house daily.

Changing the air filter should be easy. Even if you’re someone who is not an expert on home improvement, you should be able to replace it by yourself.

Vacuum Everywhere
After you clean the hardwood, tile floors, and linoleum, it’s time that you wash and clean your carpets thoroughly. Remember that the carpet in your living room that’s exposed to your pet might be filled with lots of dander, dust, and hair. Therefore, make sure you vacuum it and all the rugs in your house where your pet might be stepping regularly.

After cleaning and vacuuming the carpet, it’s time that you clean your furniture. Vacuum your sofa to remove the pet dander that might have gotten into it. Check the crevices and cracks of your wooden furniture and clean them too. Don’t forget to wash the curtains as well.

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