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5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Entertained In Your Yard

Just like any animal, dogs prefer to spend time outdoors. Even though dogs are domesticated animals, they still yearn for the wild. Thus, they would rather prefer to stay outdoors than indoors. Furthermore, going outside will allow them to play around and get that much-needed exercise time. This is important for very active dogs that tend to get bored easily.

But when it comes to letting your dog stay outdoors, you cannot just simply open the door and let your pooch run freely and play outside. Leaving your canine companion outdoors for a long period of time without giving it anything to keep it entertained will only bore it even more. This is when your dog will start to develop bad habits such as digging the soil, chewing the fence etc.

Thankfully, there are many ways through which you can entertain your dog outdoors. The key is to provide your pooch with something that will keep it physically and mentally occupied.

Here are some suggestions:

Use An Automatic Ball Launcher
One of the games that dogs love to play with is ball fetching. Sure, you’d probably love playing this game with your pooch but if you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of extra time, this can be a challenge. Also, fetching the ball manually can be quite exhausting. This is why you need to use an automatic ball launcher for dogs.

Automatic ball launchers are battery-operated machines that automatically fetch the ball in the air so your pooch can run after it. These devices can be used outdoors and indoors. It’s also a great device for training your pooch to fetch the ball all by itself without any help from you.

Create A Chew Bin
Chewing is another bad habit that some dogs tend to develop over time. But chewing is not that bad. In fact, this helps your pooch to relax because the act itself releases endorphins. Furthermore, chewing can also help to strengthen your pooch’s teeth and remove the buildup of tartar and plaque.

For this project, you just need to use any bin that you can fill with chew-friendly toys and objects. You should find plenty of dog toys online that you can give to your dog for chewing. These toys are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Choose something that you think will entice your pooch and encourage it to chew. Make sure, however, that you clean these toys and replace them from time to time. You definitely don’t want your beloved pet pooch to get sick. Also, make sure you keep your dog from chewing anything that you think is harmful to it such as bones, rocks, sticks etc.

Build A Digging Box
For dogs that like digging, the best solution is to build your dog a digging box. This resembles a sandbox but the main purpose of this box is digging. It’s possible to build your digging box or get one of those sandboxes for kids. Simply fill the box with sand and leave your dog to play for as long as it wants! Your active pooch will surely love digging and playing on the sand alone. It will have the freedom to dig as long as it wants too without causing any trouble.

Get A Spring Pole
The spring pole is a kind of spring that’s connected into a rope and hangs from the branch of a tree and has a dog treat attached on the end. This gives your dog a chance to play tug of war by itself. Thus, it’s great for dog parents who don’t have enough free time to play with their pooch.

Make A Puppy Splash Pad
For those with dogs that love to play in the water, the puppy splash would be a perfect solution. This is especially a great idea for the hot summer days. It helps to keep your canine buddy hydrated and cool so it won’t feel uncomfortable at all.

There are automatic water fountains that you can buy that are made especially for dogs. These fountains come with a timer and connect to a sprinkler. Your furry friend will surely have a great time splashing around and this will give you a peace of mind knowing that your pet is comfortable, safe, and secure.

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