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Top 10 Home Remedies For Soothing Dog Fleas

There is no doubt about the fact that store-bought flea remedies could do more harm than good and this is precisely why most pet parents are turning towards home remedies.

If you thought home remedies are not effective, think again. Simple ingredients from your kitchen could actually relieve your pet of all the itchiness, the scratching and the irritation that it goes through and to top it all, everything is safe and free from toxins.

Here are 10 home remedies that are perfect for you to try at home.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is no less than a magic potion. Is there anything that it cannot do? Among all the benefits, it can also help with the problem of fleas. All you need to do is to make a solution in a spray bottle by adding two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and water. Shake vigorously and spray on your dog’s fur and let it air-dry. Do not blow-dry or take him out into the sun. You can do this twice a week till there is no flea infestation left.

Apart from spraying it on his fur, you can add it to his diet so that you get more benefits out apple cider vinegar, for example, a shiny coat and a well-developed immune system. If you have access to organic and unfiltered apple cider vinegar, then that is the best option for you.

Citrus Oils
Sufficiently diluted citrus oil is great for getting rid of fleas from your dog’s coat. They not only help in the elimination of fleas but also repel fleas from further infestation. In order to dilute the citrus oil, you need to mix it with water, store in a sterile spray bottle and use whenever required. The places where fleas are abundantly found are at the top of your dog’s head, under the tail, in the armpits, and behind the ears. Apply twice a week and keep him safe from fleas as well as chemicals.

Bubble Bath
There is no need to take your dog to a luxurious spa to give him a bubble bath. While bubble baths are known to be effective natural remedies for getting rid of dog fleas, they can be quite expensive if you visit spas regularly. A better option would be to give your dog a bubble bath at home. Did you know that adult fleas hate soap suds and bubbles because they cannot hold on to the fur on your dog’s skin and ultimately drown? So how can you turn your dog’s fun times into a remedy? Here’s how.

Pick your dog’s favorite dog flea shampoo and make a huge lather out of it. Make sure that there are enough bubbles for your dog to stay inside for a longer time. When you are absolutely sure that he is thoroughly clean, rinse him twice so that no residues are left in his coat. Dry him with a soft towel and spray citrus oil solution on his coat to doubly insure him against fleas.

White Vinegar
Our plain old white vinegar is also an effective solution for dog fleas. What’s more, it is so easy to make and store that you will not think twice about using it. Take three parts of water and three parts of vinegar, make a solution and spray on your dog’s coat. Apart from repelling fleas, this solution will also keep your dog’s coat shiny and glossy without much effort.

Lavender And Rosemary
Both lavender and rosemary and quite easy to grow in pots at home and since they have amazing health benefits, you could grow the sprigs for quick access. Boil water in a bowl and soak a few sprigs till the water cools down. Strain the water and keep aside. Dilute this concentrated solution by topping up with a liter of warm water and filling it up in a spray bottle. Spray on to your dog’s coat generously and let him dry it out naturally under the sun.

Cedar Wood
Cedar wood naturally repels fleas. This is primarily because fleas hate the smell of cedar and that is why a lot of pet parents use cedar wood while building their dog’s kennels.

This sounds unusual but is very effective. If you can mix garlic in your dog’s food, you are sure to keep fleas away. You can also buy garlic powder capsules and add them in moderation to your dog’s meals.

Pennyroyal hails from the mint family that is known to keep parasites away. You can grow them in pots around areas where your dog plays but never let your dog chew on the leaves.

Brewer’s Yeast
This can be used in your dog’s food only after your vet has informed you about the right dosage and the right ways of using.

Comb It Out
Using a flea comb is an efficient way of removing the sticky fleas that refuse to go. Dip the comb in lukewarm water in between combing and rinse thoroughly once it is all done.

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