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What Is Considered A Large Breed Dog?

If you need a furry friend that can serve as a companion and a guard for your home, consider getting a large breed dog. These dogs are capable of performing certain tasks if you train them well. And although they have a giant body size, they are extremely gentle and can make for a perfect best friend.

So if you’re in the process of searching for a large breed dog to adopt, here’s everything you need to know about them.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Large Dog?
Having a large dog in your home means having more space for your pooch to run and walk around. These breeds need to exercise regularly to burn more calories. Another downside to owning a giant dog is that they are too heavy, so carrying them when they are sick or if you need to cuddle them is a real challenge. It’s also crucial for these dogs to be given obedience training while they are still young, so they will know how to behave when they’re a grownup. Giant dogs might appear intimidating, but these are gentle giants and are lovable.

Another issue about having large dogs is that they tend to suffer from various health problems, especially as they grow older. This often has something to do with their joints, hips, and elbows. They are also at high risk of digestive tract disorders like volvulus and gastric dilatation. Therefore, if you’re going to raise a giant breed dog, you need to prepare yourself for the medical expenses that come with it. It’s also worth noting that large dogs tend to die sooner than the smaller ones.

Some good examples of large breed dogs are Bernese mountain dog, Akita, Doberman pinscher, Bloodhound, Rottweiler, and Golden Retriever.

What Does Owning A Large Breed Dog Mean?
As mentioned, large breed dogs tend to live a shorter life than the smaller ones. Furthermore, they are more costly to raise than smaller breeds. They require bigger spaces, bigger crates, bigger toys, and more food, not to mention the regular checkups with the vet. But different types of dogs, regardless of their size, come with their pros and cons. Before deciding to own a large dog, it’s therefore essential that you consider the drawbacks and see if it’s something that you can handle.

Many people think that large dogs require more exercise than small ones, but it’s the smaller dogs that require more exercise. For as long as they are given the right amount of exercise and a suitable place to live, owning a large breed dog is an enjoyable experience. Whether you live in an apartment, condominium, or a house, these dogs are fun to be with.

Get A Large Dog Crate If You Own A Large Breed Dog
One of the things that you need to prepare when owning a large breed dog is the dog crate. When it comes to getting your large dog a crate, make sure you choose something suitable for your dog’s size. If you get a crate that’s small for your dog to fit, your pet will feel restricted, and this could lead to anxiety and stress.

Another reason why you should get a crate suitable for the size of your giant dog is that they tend to grow faster. It’s just a waste of money to keep on buying crates every time your dog outgrows it. So save yourself some money by buying a large dog crate. Above all, a large dog crate makes crate training your pooch so much easier since it will be able to move freely inside.

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