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What Months Do Dogs Shed the Most?

All dogs have to go through the process of hair shedding. But the amount and frequency of shedding may vary from one dog to another. During the early times when dogs were used for work, the frequency of dog shedding was more consistent. But now that dogs are used mostly as pets and usually live indoors with their masters, dog shedding could take place any time of the year no matter the season.

When dogs were still used as workers and had to spend most of their time outdoors, the shedding of their hair was predictable. But when people started adopting them as pets and they had to live indoors, their body had to adapt to the changes in the weather, which could make them shed hair.

If you have no idea which time of the year your dog will shed, here’s everything you need to know about dog shedding.

What You Should Know About Dog Hair & Growth Cycles
The coat of your dog will have to go through different stages of growth. The stage where your dog is dealing with new hair growth is called the anagen phase. On the other hand, once the hair stops growing after reaching a certain length, the phase is known as the catagen phase. And when the hair finally stops shedding or growing, this phase is known as the telogen and at this stage, the hair is resting. Finally, it is in the exogen phase when the hair of your pooch starts falling out and you need to deal with large clumps of discarded hair all over your home.

During Which Month Do Dogs Shed The Most?
Although the spring and fall season is considered the peak shedding season for double-coated breeds of dogs, the exact month that you can expect to find plenty of hair around will greatly vary depending on the amount of daylight, the weather, nutrition, dog breed, sex, age, and even health conditions. For example, Alaskan Malamutes tend to shed hair during spring, which is around March and will shed again in fall, around October.

If dogs are left outdoors and they are fully exposed to the weather elements, you can expect that their winter coat will begin to shed in spring or around March and should be done by June. When fall comes, the summer coat will start to shed usually around September, and the process of shedding will be completed in November.

But if you let your dogs live with you in your home, this could mess up the frequency of shedding. This is because of some factors, such as their exposure to artificial lighting, heating, and air conditioning system. Such factors may disrupt the dog’s natural cycle for shedding and you can expect moderate shedding all year round.

How A Dog Hair Removal Tool Helps With Excessive Shedding
Dogs require a lot of care and attention, but it can be even more challenging to take care of your pet when it starts shedding. If your pet goes through excessive shedding, and you find several hairs all over your house, your best bet is to use a dog hair removal tool. This tool is designed to specifically remove pet hair in your household, from carpets, furniture, clothing, etc.

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