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Does Your Puppy Hate Wearing Collars? Here’s 5 Tips To Help

Does Your Puppy Hate Wearing Collars? Here’s 5 Tips To Help


Getting your puppy a leather dog collar is one of the best decisions you’ll make ever as a dog owner. This collar is for their safety and protection because it keeps them from wandering far while you take your pet out for a walk. Also, it’s a great tool to use when training your little pup, since it allows you to have full control over your dog.

A leather dog collar is a very useful device to get your pooch’s attention and keep it from bolting as you train them. In fact, there are laws in some countries for dog owners to attach a collar on their dog as they take their canine companion for a walk.

If you find it a challenge to get your puppy to wear a leather collar, then here are some useful tips to keep in mind.


Don’t Rush It

When introducing a leather collar to your pup, you should take it slow. It will take time for your puppy to get used to it, so don’t be very pushy.

The first time you put the leather collar on your dog, leave it there for around five minutes only and take it off. Do this again after half an hour during the first few days, until your dog starts getting used to it.


Attach The Collar Properly

Make sure you attach the collar well enough. This is why when it comes to buying a leather collar for the dog, always choose a size that your puppy will find comfortable wearing.

Apply the two-finger rule where you place two of your fingers in the collar, and if they fit snugly, then that should be the right collar to get for your pooch. Anything tighter will make your little pup feel uncomfortable and might even lead to choking.


Ignore Your Dog’s Struggle

Sure, you love your puppy a lot, and you hate seeing it struggle. But try to stay calm and relax. Leave the collar for around five minutes before taking it off. Try to ignore your dog’s whining and resist the urge to remove the collar no matter what.

Your pooch might sound like it’s hurt, but it’s just trying to catch your attention. You should ignore all the fuss and leave the collar for a little while longer before taking it off.


Give Your Little Pup Treats

One effective way to encourage your pooch to wear the leather dog collar is to give it a treat after putting it on. This will make your dog see the leather collar as something good. Then it will not take long for your puppy to start associating the collar with its favorite treats, and it won’t refuse to wear it no matter how uncomfortable your little pup finds it.


Remove The Collar When Your Dog Is Calm

Don’t remove the leather dog collar while your puppy is making a fuss. Wait until it’s calm before taking it off from its neck. That way, your dog will understand that you want it to behave while the collar is on. To make your puppy stay calm and forget about the collar, give it toys to play with.