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Why Do Dogs Escape?

As a dog owner, the last thing you want is for your precious pooch to escape out of your gate and mingle with stray dogs. Of course, it’s pretty normal for dogs to play with their peers, but if your dog is unattended, there’s a possibility for it to be attacked by some wild animals or be hit by a running car! Also, if your dog ends up causing trouble to your neighbors, you will have to shoulder the cost associated with it.

But there are times that no matter how you secure your yard, there are instances where your dog will attempt to escape. To prevent this, you need to understand your dog and find out the reason why it’s rebellious.

Below are some of the reasons why your dog may attempt to escape.

It’s Bored
One of the most common reasons why your dog insists on going out is because it feels bored. When boredom strikes, your pooch will do anything to kill the boredom away and that could include escaping out of your yard to play with its peers. This is why it’s very important that you take your time to bring your dog out for a walk and perhaps play with some of the neighborhood dogs.

In The Heat
Unaltered male dogs are particularly fond of exploring the neighborhood to look for a mate. This is why neutering your dog might be a good idea. Otherwise, get your dog a female companion to keep it from escaping to look for a partner.

If your pooch can detect the presence of a female dog nearby, it will not be tempted to jump out of your gate to look for a female mate. But take note, this is not only applicable to males. Even female dogs attempt to escape the fence when they are in heat to look for a mate.

Afraid Of Something
Understandably, if a dog is scared about something, then you cannot stop it from escaping. This usually happens when you’re lighting fireworks or in the event of a thunderstorm. The loud noises can cause your pooch to panic and eventually, it will attempt to jump off the fence to run away.

So before you light your fireworks, try to secure your dog and keep it safe. Also, during thunderstorms, stay close to your pet and comfort it since this experience can be scary, especially for small pups. Try to hold your pooch close to you to keep it calm. If it feels safe and secure, your dog will not attempt to run and escape.

Wants To Hunt
If your dog loves to hunt, then there’s a tendency that it will try to escape out of your yard so that it can chase down its prey. This behavior is usually common for prey-driven dogs, such as Huskies. Some dogs will simply find it a joy to chase down small animals like cats.

But leaving your pooch unattended to chase its prey outdoors could put it in danger. It is, therefore, a good idea to give your dog some other fun activities to do for it to forget about hunting.

How To Stop Your Dog From Escaping
Stopping your pooch from running away and escaping shouldn’t be that hard. You should never leave your pooch unattended to keep it safe. If you got no fence in your yard, then consider building one and make sure it’s difficult for your pooch to jump through.

If all else fails, consider installing an invisible dog fence. This is a form of barrier that’s installed underground. It’s an effective way to confine your pooch without using any physical barrier.

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