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Why Do Dogs Lick The Couch?

Dogs rely mostly on their mouth to do stuff and that’s mainly because they are not born with hands! So if your dog finds something interesting, they end up licking on it instead of touching. Basically, your pooch uses its mouth to explore the environment in the same way that humans use their hands to feel and touch their surroundings.

But seeing your dog obsessively lick your newly bought leather couch can be a disheartening experience. Before you address this issue, it might be worth knowing what exactly are the reasons behind this behavior.

Reason #1: Comfort

Humans react to stressful situations in different ways. This is also the same with dogs. When they are stressed, they find comfort in doing something, such as licking things in their surroundings. This habit can be difficult to correct, especially if your dog finds this act very satisfying.

If your beloved pooch has developed a habit of licking on your couch, the best thing that you can do is to get one of those dog couch covers. You can simply slip these covers over at your couch to keep it protected just in case your dog starts licking.

Reason #2: Boredom

One of the reasons why your dog is showing strange behaviors such as obsessive licking is because it’s feeling bored. Maybe your dog feels that you are not giving it enough attention and it believes that it can get your attention by licking in your couch.

Therefore, no matter how busy you are, take the time to play with your dog or take it for a walk outside. If you can’t allocate plenty of time to play with your pet, get it one of those toys that it can play with when feeling bored.

Reason #3: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

If your dog continues to lick despite your protest, there’s a possibility that your dog suffers from OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Dogs suffering from obsessive disorder tend to lick obsessively especially if they are feeling stressed.

If you suspect that your dog has OCD, talk to its vet about it. You can also consult with a dog trainer and ask advice on how you can correct this behavior.

Reason #4: Grooming

Usually, mother dogs groom their newborn babies through licking. Unfortunately, some of them have made a habit out of licking and lick just about any objects they see. Sometimes, they use licking to clean off a certain area. For instance, if they have smelled or tasted something on their bed, they use their tongue to clean off the area.

Remember that when your dog starts to lick your couch or some other items in your house out of the blue, it may be best to seek help from your dog’s vet because this could be a sign that your pet is suffering from medical issues. Also, if your dog licks obsessively, take the time to check its tongue because your dog might end up with scrapes or cuts as a result of excessive licking.

What Are the Things That Dogs Lick the Most?

Although it’s common for dogs to lick on couches and other furniture that’s easily accessible to them, you can also find them licking other items. For instance, they will lick on the floor, window, doors, carpets, rugs, and pretty much anything in your home. There are many reasons for this. Perhaps, something got spilled in these things and they find the taste appetizing.

Again, licking is normal for dogs. But if their obsessive licking has become a habit over time, it’s best to consult with a professional vet to discuss possible options for treatment.

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