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Why Do Wet Dogs Smell Soooo Bad?

As a dog parent, you’ve probably noticed that your pooch tends to stink when it’s wet. For instance, you took your dog for a dip at the lake. On your drive home, you notice a funny smell while in your car and you find out later that it’s your furry friend that’s causing the smell.

So why do wet dogs smell so bad?

The Science Behind Dog Stinking
There’s a scientific explanation behind the stinking of your dog when wet. Certain breeds of dogs, especially the hound ones, have more oil in their coat compared to other breeds. Known as Sebum, the oil accumulates on your dog’s hair follicles and shaft. The main purpose of the Sebum is to keep your dog’s skin protected from dehydration.

So when your dog gets wet, for instance, after taking a dip in a lake, the Sebum will mix with the water and this will eventually lead to bacteria growth that is what’s causing the stinky smell. Therefore, you need to make sure that your pooch is dried properly after a dip to avoid smelling so bad.

How To Prevent The Stinky Smell
Of course, the stinky smell can be prevented. As mentioned, you need to dry your pet properly after taking a bath. But sometimes, toweling your dog is just not enough because the towel won’t be able to get through to the skin of your pooch where the Sebum is. In fact, dogs that have very short coats require more. Using a blow dryer that will penetrate the coats of your furry friend may be the best way to address this problem.

Bath Your Dog Regularly
Vets recommend bathing your pooch once in a couple of weeks. It’s not a good idea to bath your dog too often since this could make the skin of your dog flaky, dry, and itchy. Also, when washing your pooch, use a high-quality shampoo that’s designed specifically for dogs. After shampooing, make sure you rinse their fur properly. Otherwise, the residues could lead to skin problems.

Although a hair dryer is recommended to properly dry your dog and prevent the stinky smell, some dogs might not appreciate the presence of a hairdryer. Other dogs may suffer from a heart attack and anxiety when exposed directly to a hairdryer. If this is your pooch, you might as well use a good quality brush to dry your furry companion’s hair.

Use An Air Purifier
Although there are ways to prevent the stinky smell of your dog when wet, there are cases that the smell cannot be removed and the best thing that you can do is to use an air purifier to get rid of the smell in your car or home. Air purifiers that have activated carbon filters are a great solution in this regard. The activated carbon comes with special properties that could effectively remove the odor coming from your wet pet so your car or home will always smell fresh.

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