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Why Does My Dog Roam?

The last thing that you want to happen is coming back home to find out that your dog is nowhere around.

Dogs are known to roam around but when they show escapist tendencies, it is time to delve deeper into the subject and find out why they have been doing so. Dogs do not roam away from home aimlessly unless there is a good reason to do so. To top it all, there are several risks that you should be aware of if your dog goes missing.

Getting a wireless dog fence is also a good solution to keep your dogs from roaming.

Listed below are the commonest reasons why dogs roam.

Your Dog Is Bored
The commonest reason for your dog roaming around might be because he is bored in the backyard. They might want to roam around in the neighborhood in hopes of finding a companion to play with. If you go out to work and your dog spends a considerable amount of time in the backyard, then you should keep an eye out on your dog’s behavioral tendencies to notice signs of boredom.

Things To Do Before Testing
Dogs that reach sexual maturation are highly inclined towards roaming because they are constantly on the lookout for a partner. While sexual hormones drive them to mate, it is quite easy for them to overcome the rules and obedience training that you have inculcated. If you have not neutered your male dog or spayed your female dog, they will continue to escape and roam till they have found their respective partners.

Easy Escape Routes
Despite obedience training, off-leash reliability and everything else that your dog might have had, he is originally designed to roam around and not to be homebodies. If there are easy escape routes like a low fence, an open window, holes in the fence etc, it is a huge temptation for your dog to escape and roam for miles. Checking the house, the yard and keeping an eye on your dog while he is outdoors, can prevent such incidents from happening.

Your Dog Will Be Confined
A wireless invisible fence is a much safer option than letting your dogs roam around in the backyard unsupervised. Even if you have trained your dog well, you cannot trust the external environment.

Therefore, you need a supervised area that will keep your dog contained when you are not around to keep an eye.

The best part of such a system is the fact that it can cover a huge area of close to 25 acres that will give your dog enough space to roam around. It will not feel contained or restricted and will be able to enjoy free movement while also staying safe.

Lack Of Entertainment
Dogs are active animals and they need a lot of entertainment and activities to go through the day. If you are not offering enough opportunities to your dog to feel entertained then it is likely that he might escape in order to find ways to feel entertained.

Not getting enough exercise, good walks, game time, trips, play dates etc could make your dog feel irritated. Simply leaving your dog in the yard unsupervised will not be enough. If you are busy at work, you must ensure that you have at least an hour every day to play with him once you are back and compensate for the entire week on weekends.

Separation Anxiety
Dogs need to feel safe when they are at home. Dogs tend to have separation anxiety and if they do not feel comfortable inside the house, they are bound to roam outside in search of a safe space. Look out for potential triggers that have been difficult to deal with earlier and keep away from them. Some dogs are uncomfortable with loud noises, sounds, house parties etc. If that is the case with your dog, try avoiding such situations that could be overwhelming for your four-legged friend.

Final Thoughts – Understand Your Pooch's Feelings
It is difficult to guarantee that your dog will never escape but you could at least try to avoid situations that will definitely upset or irritate your best friend.

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