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Why Does My Dog Stink & What Can You Do?

As pet parents, we certainly love cuddling and hugging our pet from time to time just like we do with our kids. But what happens if your dog stinks? The bad smell can put you off.

There are many reasons why your dog smells bad. Perhaps, it ended up rolling or playing in surfaces that had feces or some other substances with a strong smell. Or probably some angry skunk ended up spraying your pooch.

Depending on the reasons behind the stinky smell of your pooch, this problem can be easily remedied. Usually, you can simply wash your pooch with a good smelling shampoo, and that should solve the problem. But sometimes, no matter how you wash and bath your pooch, the bad smell just won’t be removed.

So what could be the reason behind the awful smell of your dog?

Flatulence or gas can also happen to dogs, which could be the reason behind its bad smell. But some dogs produce extremely smelly gas because of the foods that they eat. You can perhaps talk to your dog’s vet and propose the idea of changing your dog’s diet to prevent the smelly gas. Also, the bad smell can be a sign of some underlying medical condition, so it’s best to take your pet to the vet.

Allergic Diseases
Food allergies could trigger an inflammation on the skin of your pet that can also result in the excessive oil secretion from the glands, which can produce a musty smell in your pet. This is why a proper diet is important to avoid this condition. Your pet may also end up suffering from yeast infections that would give off a bad smell. A diet high in processed foods and carbohydrates could be the reason behind this. So try changing your pet’s diet to a high-protein diet and feed your pooch with non-processed foods.

Dental Problems
Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from dental problems that could make them develop bad breath. The buildup of tartar and plaque in your pet’s teeth could lead to bad breath, and this could be the reason behind the stinky smell of your pooch. Certain breeds of dogs, especially the small breeds, are at high risk of developing dental problems, most especially gum diseases. Another common dental problem that your dog could suffer from is Gingival Hyperplasia, a condition resulting from the overgrowth of gums, which could produce a rotten smell.

Anal Sacs
Anal sacs are among the most common reasons behind the stinky smell of dogs. Our furry friends have two tiny scent sacs at their bottom, which is why dogs smell on their rear ends. Once these sacs are affected, your pooch may suffer from extreme pain, and this leads to the release of smelly secretion that could linger on its fur, which is why your pooch will smell bad.

Ear Infections
If your pet is suffering from an ear infection, then it could develop a bad smell in the ear area. This is usually a result of the yeast and bacteria that may have accumulated in your dog’s ears. If your dog suffers from hormonal imbalances or allergies, the bacteria and yeast could increase dramatically, leading to the stinky smell in your dog’s ear. Dogs that have floppy ears or hair ears are highly susceptible to this, such as the Springer Spaniels and Basset Hounds.

Urinary Tract Infection
If you notice that your dog smells like urine, then that’s probably because it’s suffering from UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. While many think that this infection only happens to humans, it’s more common on dogs. Aside from smelling bad, your dog could suffer from miserable pain.

Some of the most common signs of UTI in your dog are frequent bathroom trips and pain during peeing. You might also see the presence of blood on your pooch’s urine. Therefore, you should immediately take your pooch to the vet when this happens.

Take note that a strong urine smell on your pooch can also be a sign of diabetes, kidney stones, and some fungal infections.

What To Do About The Stink

  • Always keep those folds in the ears and skin of your pet dry and clean. Regularly check your dog’s ears to ensure that they are dry and clean after swimming and taking a bath.
  • If you believe that the smell has something to do with your pet’s bad diet, then feed your pooch with a healthy diet. Consult your pet’s vet for advice on the most suitable diet that can help to prevent your pet from smelling bad.
  • Regularly bathe your dog no matter how busy you may be. Try to wash your dog once every two to three weeks.
  • Strictly observe proper dental hygiene on your pooch to prevent bad breath. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly and schedule an annual dental cleaning with a vet.
Final Thoughts

The tips above are effective in preventing your dog from smelling bad. However, it might take a while for these remedies to work. What you can do for now is to get an air purifier for dogs that can somehow help to mask the odor that your pet produces. The air purifier is very effective at removing odor from the air so your home will smell fresh and stay clean despite the stinky smell coming from your pet.

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