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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Dog In Your Car Front Seat

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Dog In Your Car Front Seat


Like most dog owners, you probably see your pet as a part of your family, so it makes sense to pop it into the front seat sometimes, especially when you’re going for a quick drive.

In fact, you may have seen plenty of dog owners who travel with their pets in the front seat, even though it’s not a good idea to do so. If you’re wondering why it’s a bad idea to place your dog in the front seat when you’re driving, read on to find out more.


Accidents Can Happen

Unfortunately, accidents can happen to anyone and at any time. Often, an event that lasts for a few seconds ,can have a lifelong effect on those affected. There are numerous cases of pets that die or suffer permanent injuries from car accidents that could’ve been avoided by observing proper safety protocol.

It may not seem like much to keep your pet in the front seat while driving, but this places your pooch at risk of getting fatally injured if a collision happens. In the worst case scenario, your pet could experience whiplash or even hit the dashboard during the accident, causing death or extreme injury.


You Can Get Distracted

Most dogs feel excited at the prospect of getting into the car because it’s typically followed by a trip to the beach or the dog park. This level of excitement can be a distraction to the driver if your pet is placed on the front passenger seat.

In addition to barking or moving around, your dog might place its head onto your lap or want to hide under your seat because they feel spooked. Or you might feel so excited from having your cute pup next to you that you’ll start petting it and take your eyes off the road.


Back Seats Are More Comfortable

Sitting in the front seat means your pet will have to sit upright, whereas the back seat allows it to sprawl out and even take a nap. That’s why it’s much better and more comfortable to place your dog in the backseat when driving. You can make the trip even more comfortable for your pet by using a dog car seat or dog harness.


The Airbags Can Do Serious Damage

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, kids under the age of 13 years aren’t allowed to ride in the front seat of the car. That’s because their height positions them in a way that makes the airbag a safety hazard in the unforeseen event of a collision or accident.

The American Veterinary Medical Association shares the same view with regards to keeping dogs and other pets in the car’s back seat instead of the front.

Final Thoughts

Taking trips with your pet can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to observe proper safety protocol so you can both make it to your destination safely. In addition to applying the tips provided in this article, we highly recommend you buy a dog car seat. A quality dog car seat will keep your pet comfortable in the back seat while your pooch takes in the scenery through the window and it’ll keep it nice and secure.