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Pete Decker

Fox News Host’s Dog Died

Dana Perino, Fox News anchor and former White House Press Secretary, announced that her 9-year-old dog, Jasper, died of cancer on September 4, 2021. The Hungarian Vizsla, who is known as “America’s dog” by Fox News viewers, was often seen in Fox’s The Five and America’s Newsroom. The pooch was also the subject of Perino’s book, “Let Me Tell You About Jasper”.

20th Anniversary Of 9/11 Commemorates Search And Rescue Dogs In An Exhibit

A new exhibit honoring the work of search and rescue dogs during the 9/11 rescue mission opened on September 1, 2021, at the American Kennel Club (AKC) Museum of the Dog in Manhattan, New York City. The exhibit titled “9/11 Remembered: Search and Rescue Dogs” would feature works of art depicting the efforts and participation of hundreds of dogs in the recovery effort after the terror attacks in New York City and the Pentagon.

Texas Man Saved From Two Vicious Pit Bulls

A 68-year-old man taking his daily morning walk in the neighborhood was viciously mauled by two unmuzzled Pit Bulls in Harris County, near Houston, Texas, on August 26, 2021. The man identified as Ha Mui was seriously injured in the incident and needed several surgeries on his neck, face, and body.

Colorado Officers Facing Lawsuit Over Dog Shooting

A couple has filed a lawsuit on August 25, 2021, for the shooting of their family dog by a police officer in Loveland, Colorado. The incident happened on June 29, 2019, when Officer Matthew Grashorn shot a 14-month old Staffordshire Terrier Boxer Mix named Herkimer, owned by the couple, Wendy Love and Jay Hamm.

Andrew Cuomo Abandons Captain

Resigned Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York moved out of his office on August 23, 2021, after scandalous accusations of sexual harassment were leveled against him. Moving vans were reportedly shipping out his belongings out of the Executive’s Mansion in Albany the week before, but apparently, one important thing is being left out – his dog, Captain.

New Cancer Treatment For Dogs Now Available

The injectable drug Stelfonta is now made available nationwide in veterinary clinics and this comes after receiving the approval from Food and Drug Administration back in November 2020. Stelfonta is a non-surgical alternative in the treatment for non-metastatic, skin-based mast cell tumors (MCT).

Long Grove Residents Elect Their New Dog Mayor

Residents of Long Grove, Illinois, witnessed their first dog mayor sworn into office on August 7, 2021. Lincoln of Briarcrest Subdivision, a Bernedoodle, received a landslide vote over his other competitors to become the top dog of the year.

US Military Dogs Evacuated From Kabul

Members of the US forces, together with their military dogs, have evacuated Afghanistan on August 16, 2021. This comes after US President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of US troops in the ravaged country that started in May 2021.

Woman Arrested In NYC For Walking Dogs Off-Leash

A woman from Manhattan’s Upper West Side was handcuffed and taken into police custody for merely taking her off-leash dogs to the park on August 4, 2021. Dora Marchand, 29, was walking her two Miniature American Shepherds, Comet and Sophie, without a leash in Riverside Park when a Parks Enforcement officer reprimanded her for flouting the off-leash rule in the park.

Support Hotline Set Up Since 1996 To Help Grieving Pet Owners

The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in North Grafton, Massachusetts has been offering support to grieving pet owners for the last 25 years. A group of veterinary students started a hotline back in 1996 with the help of faculty advisors to deal with the need for community-based resources through which people who have lost or are separating from their pets can seek help in dealing with grief.