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Should I Take My Dog To A Groomer Or Groom At Home?

All factors considered, it is way better to take your dog to a professional groomer than to attempt it at home.

At the surface level, DIY dog grooming may seem like a great way to save money. However, it does no favors to you or your dogs in the long run.

For a clearer idea of why professional grooming is the better option, here are some of the perks you have to look forward to working with a groomer.

Experience To Ensure Quality Results

It takes training and great skill to properly groom a dog. Whether it is detangling a nasty matting situation or the clipping of overgrown nails, experience is invaluable.

Opting for grooming services, professional groomers have the trifecta with proper training, skills, and a lot of experience dealing with all sorts of grooming needs that your dog may have. This shows up in the quality of the results, and your dog will look fabulous when it's all done.


The choice of equipment when it comes to grooming makes all the difference when it comes to things like convenience, safety, and results. Most dog groomers are well-equipped to deal with different coat types and other dog-specific grooming needs.

Buying some of the equipment that these professionals have would be incredibly expensive. What's worse is that you will only use the equipment once or twice a month. It will take a very long time before you get full value for your money.


Grooming a dog takes hours. It doesn't matter whether it is simply brushing and washing or full grooming. As a busy pet parent, you will be stretching yourself thin by scheduling time to groom your dog every other week or even every month.

It is way more convenient to have a professional take care of it. With their experience and equipment, it will take them way less time. This is time you can take to bond with your pooch in other ways.

Ideal For Problematic Cases

If your dog has special grooming needs like a matted coat, alopecia, flea infestation, or other situation, a professional groomer will offer better results than you ever could. Their experience often extends to dealing with such issues in a safe and effective manner.

How Much Should Dog Grooming Cost?

On average, dog grooming will set you back anywhere between $30 to $90. Here are some of the factors that determine the cost.

Dog Breed

The dog breed matters mainly due to their coat. There are generally six common coat types with different grooming needs. These determine the products to be used, the frequency of grooming, and the equipment needed.

Furthermore, the dog breed determines the dog's temperament. Dangerous dog breeds are usually more expensive to groom as the groomer has to take extra measures to protect themselves.

Finally, the dog's breed influences pricing, as features like droopy ears where frequent cleaning to prevent ear infections usually requires extra care.

Dog's Size

The larger the dog is, the more expensive grooming for them will be.

This is because large dogs require more resources, including shampoo, water, and electricity, to dry. They also require more effort on the groomer's part and will usually take longer to work on than small dogs.

Services Needed

Contrary to popular beliefs, dog grooming is not exclusively about coat care. There are many other components, including cleaning the ears, teeth, nails, and much more.

The type of services required determines how much you have to pay. The $30 to $90 price estimate covers full grooming, which usually combines coat care, nail care, and cleaning the ears.

It is important to note that special services like special coat cuts will usually cost you extra with the prices depending on the specific groomer's policies.

The Condition That The Dog Is In

It will cost more to groom a flea-ridden or matted coat than it is to give a dog routine grooming. Special circumstances typically require special equipment and products. These costs add up and will eventually spill over into your final bill.

What Does A Full Groom Include?

The components of a full grooming session vary from one groomer to another. For the most part, it is a combination of services which include:

  • Brushing to de-shed and detangle
  • Bathing and drying
  • Trimming the coat
  • Nail clipping
  • Brushing teeth
  • Cleaning ears

If you wish to have your dog trimmed or to have their coat styled in a specific way, you may have to pay for it as an add-on to the full-grooming package.

Should I Wash My Dog Before Taking Them To The Groomer?

There is no need to wash your dog before taking them to the groomer. In fact, doing so will only make the groomer's work harder.

This is because some prefer to de-shed the fur while it is dry before doing their own wash. If you wash your dog and fail to dry them completely, it will end up messing up the groomer's system and style of doing things.

Not to mention that it is a total waste of money to wash the dog than to pay to essentially have them washed again.

How Often Should A Dog Be Professionally Groomed?

How often your dog should be groomed depends on a number of factors, but most dogs will have to return to the groomer every 3 to 8 weeks. Let's take a look at some of the factors that determine each dog's grooming schedule.

Coat Type

Dogs with straight and smooth coats typically require more frequent grooming than those with tightly curled fur. Those with long hair may also need more regular care as longer strands are more likely to become knotted.

Another key coat-related factor is whether or not the fur is water-proof. Waterproof fur tends to stay cleaner longer, with these dog breeds requiring less frequent grooming.

Dog's Activity Levels And Environment

If your dog is a super active and outdoorsy dog, then it may need to be groomed more frequently. This is the case especially if the dog's environment exposes them to things like dirt and grass stains.

Pre-Existing Skin Issues

Dogs with sensitive skin require longer periods between grooming sessions. This is because grooming too frequently strips the skin and fur of their protective oils and results in skin irritation, thereby worsening the skin condition of the dogs.