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Best Dog DNA Tests

This is why it is essential to know which breeds your dog truly comes from. Its ancestry is key to understanding the inherent health risks your dog may be susceptible to so that you can take the necessary precautions to safeguard its health. All you need to unlock its ancestral secrets is a dog DNA test.

Bissell Review: Is It Worth It?

Founded in 1876, Bissell has since established itself as a home care brand of vacuum cleaners and floor care products. Its social presence has reached over 336,000 followers and 345,000 likes on Facebook. Lauded by Alizila for stepping into the floor cleaning gap during the pandemic, the brand has offered markets the American alternative to the vacuuming products typically shipped from countries like China.

Shameless Pets Review: Is It Worth It?

Started by James Bello and Alex Waite in 2018, Shameless Pets incorporates this greener and innovative way for pet parents to offer their pets impressive health benefits in each product while preventing food from ending up at a food waste destination. With a wide following of 9,930 followers on Instagram, Shameless Pets reaches a bigger audience to share its products worldwide.

CatsPlay Furniture Review: Is It Worth It?

Based in Santa Cruz, California, CatsPlay manufactures customizable high-quality cat furniture, including the popular cat shelves, to keep cats engaged daily in physical activities. This brand has garnered a net positive social media presence, boasting close to 4,500 followers and over 4,000 likes on its Facebook page.

Best Bully Sticks Review: Is It Worth It?

Headquartered in Richmond, VA, Best Bully Sticks prides itself on providing high-quality chews and treats for dogs to safely enjoy and satisfy their chewing needs. It has also established a net positive presence on social media, garnering the strong support of over 32,300 Instagram followers.

Dr Marty Dog Food Review: Is It Worth It?

The support from nearly 37,500 Instagram followers on social media speaks volumes about Dr. Martyโ€™s brand. What also makes Dr. Marty Dog Food truly stand out in the dog food market is the fact that the meals are made using more than 80% raw, fresh meat, which is freeze-dried for additive-free preservation.

Bully Beds Review: Is It Worth It?

Bully Beds are orthopedic dog beds explicitly made for huge dogs. Made of high-quality materials, these beds are designed to withstand the abuse of any dog bully. The company creates stylish giant dog beds with a 20-year, no-fail warranty. As such, it has garnered a significant presence on social media platforms, especially Facebook, where it has 114.2k followers.

PupBox Review: Is It Worth It?

PupBox is, undeniably, one of the household names when it comes to pet subscription services within the States, and their social media following largely reflects this. At the time of writing, the official PupBox's Instagram page has over 359,000 followers. And the over 60,000 likes on PupBoxโ€™s Facebook page are a great indicator of the quality of service provided by this brand.

1-800-PetMeds Review: Is It Worth It?

The quality service offered by the PetMeds brand has seen them featured on renowned and respectable online publications such as Forbes and Yahoo Finance. In addition, the 1-800-PetMeds brand has a respectable presence on social media, with over 19,000 Instagram followers โ€“ as at the time of compiling this article โ€“ being a testament to that.

Basepaws Review: Is It Worth It?

Finding an accurate DNA test for your cat is incredibly challenging. The majority of them are inaccurate or are solely used to test dogs. Others provide pet DNA tests for a variety of animals but with a more tight perspective. The brand has a large following on social media, particularly on Instagram, with 45.3k followers.