Best Dog DNA Tests

The best dog DNA test is Embark Dog DNA Test Kit.

Not all dogs are born equal. While some breeds are more prone to certain hereditary diseases than others, which is why it’s essential to know which breeds your pooch comes from so that you can take the necessary precautions.

To do so, all you need is the best dog DNA test.

In this article, we’ll cover the top three products in this category. You’ll also find a comprehensive buying guide at the bottom, which will help you make a wise decision.

#1 Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

Embark | Dog DNA Test | Breed & Health Kit | Breed Identification & Canine Genetic Health Screening
  • HUNDREDS OF ACTIONABLE HEALTH INSIGHTS: 75% of dogs are either at risk or a carrier for a genetic health condition....
  • BREED ID THAT'S TWICE AS PRECISE: Embark tests over 230,000 genetic markers, twice as many as the next competitor. We...
  • HIGHEST RATED & MOST TRUSTED: Embark is the highest rated dog DNA brand on with over 16,000 5-star reviews....

Embark is by far the most praised dog DNA test kit across online marketplaces, and for good reason. The people at Embark test for around 256 quadrillion genes and cross-reference with more than 200 dog breeds, which shows that they genuinely care about the dogs they check.

The test includes both the maternal and paternal lines of your dog, going all the way to great grandparents. Not only that, but the results will even tell you if your companion has wolf or coyote ancestors. How cool is that?

Besides checking the bloodline of your dog, the test also includes a health screening test, which searches for more than 160 known medical conditions for dogs. That’s as high as they get, which proves once again that this is the best dog DNA test you can get.

This is test is on the expensive side of the spectrum, that’s for sure, but if you trust only the best for your pooch, the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit is worth every penny, especially since using it is as simple as swabbing the inside of your dog’s cheek and sending the kit back to get the results within 3 to 7 weeks.

The Embark Dog DNA Test Kit is our pick for the best dog DNA test because it offers the same level of accuracy as a human test, with plenty of genetic markers, both paternal and maternal tracing, and a thorough health screening that will point out anything your pooch may be suffering from. If you’re looking for the absolute best for your little buddy, this is the DNA test for you.


  • More than 200 breed tests.
  • Includes health screening.
  • Includes wolf and coyote test.
  • Get your results in 3 to 7 weeks.

#2 Wisdom Panel Premium: Advanced DNA Test

Wisdom Panel Premium, New and Improved Dog DNA Test for Comprehensive Health, Traits and Ancestry
  • Developed by top geneticists and veterinarians, Wisdom Panel Premium offers the most comprehensive overview of your...
  • Wisdom Panel Premium screens for over 200 genetic conditions - more than any other dog DNA test
  • Referencing the world's largest database of dog DNA, Wisdom Panel Premium screens for over 350 breeds, types, and...

The Wisdom Panel advanced DNA test is a unique product that analyzes submitted DNA samples to provide dog owners with a comprehensive overview of their dog’s ancestry and breed composition.

The Wisdom Panel advanced DNA test screens for over 200 different genetic health conditions, thereby helping dog owners to be more proactive when it comes to maintaining their Fido’s health.

Additionally, this DNA testing kit provides information on a dog’s individual physical traits such as coat type, ideal weight range, and eye color. And for areas where a pooch falls short, Wisdom Pet provides dog owners with special care recommendations.

Instructions for using the Wisdom Panel DNA test kit are easy to follow, and to collect DNA samples for testing, users simply have to swab the insides of their dog’s mouth for a minimum of 15 seconds. The Wisdom Panel team thoroughly tests collected samples, and comprehensive results are sent back to dog parents between 2 to 3 weeks after submitting the samples.

Precise and comprehensive, the Wisdom Panel Premium is an effective tool for dog parents looking to gather more information about their Fido’s origins, physical attributes, and potential health conditions. Its test kit is relatively affordable, easy to use, and swiftly delivers test results.


  • Tests for over 200 different genetic health conditions.
  • Screens for over 350 breeds, types, and varieties.
  • Reports the mixed breed composition down to 1%.
  • Over 35 different trait tests.
  • Easy to use.
  • Results are easy to understand.
  • Fast delivery of results.

#3 Orivet Dog DNA Test

Orivet Genopet Dog DNA Test | Dog Breed Test Kit, Genetic Testing, Heritable Health Risks and Life...
  • Breed Identification DNA test for Dogs: Orivet’s industry-leading Breed Identification DNA test for dogs screens for...
  • Fast Turnaround: After we receive your dog’s sample, your results will be available in your online account in 2 - 3...
  • Easy to use: Orivet’s Collection swabs are designed to capture buccal (cheek) cells quickly and easily. This process...

This Orivet dog DNA test analyzes collected canine samples and screens through a database of over 350 different dog breeds to provide the breed makeup of any dog. Results of the Orivet DNA breed tests usually come in a percentage breakdown, thereby giving dog owners a clearer and easy-to-understand overview of their pooch’s genetic makeup.

Additionally, the Orivet dog DNA test package includes screening exercises for inheritable genetic diseases. And in situations where it is discovered that a pooch is prone to suffering from any of these genetic disorders, dog parents are provided with advice on how to proceed with these health conditions.

Information collected during the Orivet dog DNA test is used to curate a specialized wellness plan for the pooch in question. And dog parents also have the option to liaise with their vets to formulate a customized wellness plan, following the schedule that is typically included in the Orivet LifePlan.

The vast Orivet database of available canine breeds ensures a great degree of accuracy you can expect when it comes to predicting canine breeds. And with the Orivet dog DNA test, there is a fast turnaround period when it comes to the delivery of results, as the results do not require any form of post-processing or interpreting expertise.


  • Screens for over 350 dog breeds.
  • Fast delivery of results within 3 weeks.
  • Adult weight prediction.
  • Specialized wellness plan.
  • Screens for genetic health conditions.

Dog DNA Tests Buyer’s Guide

If you own a purebred dog, then congratulations, you can get any information you need about your pooch from the internet. There isn’t much guesswork involved in figuring out which foods your dogs can safely eat, how they should be trained, and which disease it’s prone to.

Unfortunately, we’re not all purebred owners, and if your little bud is a mutt, finding such info can be challenging. That’s where dog DNA tests come in to save the day.

Dog DNA tests are designed to determine the breeds that went into making a certain mongrel. Not only that, but they can also trace the ancestry of the dog up to its great grandparents.

Knowing which breeds went into the making of your dog will help you figure out its diet, training routine, as well as health precautions that you should take to avoid certain hereditary illnesses. Furthermore, the genetic revelation will help you identify behavioral patterns and tendencies of your dog and the ideal body weight and size that it should reach.

Avoid Inbreeding

Inbreeding, if not studied and managed correctly, can be dangerous for the offspring, as they may inherit bad traits from their parents if they’re closely related. It’s basically a game of probability, and while inbreeding in and of itself is not a bad thing, doing it without prior management isn’t a good idea. That’s why you need to check your dog’s ancestry before allowing it to mate with another dog.

Unveil Health-Related Issues

Dog DNA tests have come a long way since their invention. Although they originally started as a way to know your dog’s breed, they can be currently used to identify the potential illnesses and diseases that can affect your pooch specifically based on its genetic disposition. That way, you can take the necessary precautions to prevent such conditions. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

Image from Embark Vet

Discover Your Dog’s Behavioral Tendencies

Just like humans, each dog has a different personality. Some love playing around and meeting new people, while others prefer sticking with their owner only. Personality traits can also be identified thanks to DNA testing.

You can use all of that data to provide a better life for your companion, and, therefore, keep it by your side for as long as possible, which is why testing your pooch’s DNA is essential for both of you.

Factors That Affect Dog DNA Tests

Three factors affect the accuracy of the results of a dog DNA test: the quality of the sample, the brand’s breed database, and the covered genetic markers. In other words, getting an accurate analysis depends on both the user and the testing kit.

Sample’s Quality

The quality of the sample will depend on your own carefulness while taking it. Here are the instructions for getting the samples properly, which should be almost the same for all brands:

  1. Get the swab out of the pocket carefully.
  2. Swab the inside of your dog’s cheek for 20 seconds or so.
  3. Put the swab back into the packaging and leave it to dry for 5 minutes or so.
  4. If you’re using an Embark swab, shake it for 10 seconds inside the provided container.
  5. Repeat the previous steps for the second swab.
  6. Activate the DNA test online, then write the confirmation number onto the label.
  7. Stick the label on the swab sleeve.
  8. Place the swabs in the sleeve and don’t seal it to avoid compromising the sample.
  9. Place the sleeve in the container and seal it.
  10. Mail the samples to the provided address and wait for the results.

Instructions may differ a little depending on the brand, so make sure to read the included giddiness thoroughly to get a high-quality sample. Remember, the more careful you are while taking the sample, the more accurate the results are going to be. 

You may be tempted to skip a step or do another faster, but that can lead to “user error,” which is the term used to describe when the inaccuracy of a DNA test is caused by the user.

Image from Embark Vet

Breed Database

While some tests have a breed panel of fewer than 100 breeds, others exceed the 250-breed mark. Obviously, the more breeds a test covers, the more accurate the results are going to be. That said, you also need to factor in the genetic markers the test includes.

If you have a mutt canine, you ought to get a test that has a comprehensive database, especially if his or her parents are mutts as well.

Genetic Markers

A genetic marker is a DNA structure or sequence that’s used to identify different breeds. By studying the similarities and differences between the different genetic markers of your dog, researchers can get a clearer idea regarding the personal traits of the pet. Just like breeds, the more genetic markers a test kit covers, the better the results are going to be.

It goes without saying that choosing the best dog DNA test and following the provided instructions thoroughly can only lead to accurate results, so make sure to take care of both carefully.

Embark VS Wisdom Panel VS Orivet: Which Is the Best Brand?

Whether you’re planning to get your dog’s DNA tested out of curiosity, because you couldn’t figure out its mix of breeds, or to screen for any medical conditions it may suffer from, getting the best dog DNA test kit is a must.

Although all three of the reviewed brands are worth every penny, the Embark test kit is the clear winner because of the high accuracy it provides. That said, the Embark test kit is a bit expensive, and it may not be a suitable choice for many users. Try out the Wisdom Panel Premium kit, another solid runner-up that is slightly cheaper.

The Orivet dog DNA test kit is also a great and inexpensive choice to consider, but it’s less accurate than the other two, which is why we recommend picking it as your next best dog DNA test kit, only if you can’t afford Embark or Wisdom Panel.


DNA testing helps you to get to know your dog better.

Again, any of the aforementioned kits can be the best dog DNA test for your pooch, but we highly recommend going with the Embark kit if you can afford it.

Not only does it provide accurate results thanks to the company’s comprehensive breed database and extensive care for detail, but Embark also has an excellent customer support team that’s willing to go above and beyond to help dog owners. What else could you ask for in the best dog DNA test?

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