What were Yorkies really bred to do?

Catch rats and mice
For companionship
To show off to neighbors
For dog racing

What were Dachshund really bred to do?

To act as mascots for selling hotdogs
To catch badgers
For Fashion shows
For dog racing

What disease did ancient folklore say Chihuahuas had the ability to cure?

Napoleon complex
Asthma and allergies
Hearing loss

What were Dachshunds bred for?

To look like a hot dog
To hunt prairie dogs
To run through pipelines
To fight off badgers

Where did the Bichon Frise originate from?


Which dog breed has the strongest bite force?


What does "Corgi" mean in Welsh?

Dwarf dog
Loaf of bread
Tiny legs

Where did Pugs originate from?


Where did the St. Bernard originate from?

The Wall
Mt. Everest

Where did the Maltese originate from?

The Sahara Desert
Tir Na Nog (The Faery Realm)

What is a common nickname for the German Shepherd?

Big Hairy Floof
Police Dog

Where did the Labrador Retriever originate from?

The Magic Kingdom

When was the first litter of Golden Retrievers born?

300 BC

What two jobs were Great Danes originally bred for?

Guarding and to take up the entire couch
Hunting mice and for riding
Hunting boars and guarding
To pull people around on sleighs and dig big holes

Where did Poodles originate from?


Where did Siberian Huskies originate from?


Where did the Bernese Mountain Dog originate from?

The Badlands
Beyond the Wall

How much does a Great Dane weigh?

110-175 pounds
200-250 pounds
30-50 pounds
Too much for a scale

Where did the Australian Shepard originate?

Spain, near the Pyrenees Mountains
Yellowstone National Park
The Nazca Lines in Peru

What organization used to have a Pit Bull as its mascot?

The US Army
Home Depot

Which dog breed is likely the Boxer's ancestor?

Mike Tyson
Tilsner Carton

Which dog breed holds the record for the most tennis balls in its mouth at a single time?

Golden Retriever
Bernese Mountain Dog

Where did the Shih Tzu originate from?


Which dog breed is a well-known ancestor of the French Bulldog?

American Bulldog
English Bulldog
English Bullfrog

What are the three kinds of Schnauzers?

Toy, Terrier, and Sporting
Mini, Normal, and Wowzer
Brat, Kraut, and Wurst
Miniature, Giant, and Standard

Where did the Pomeranian originate?


What were Border Collies bred to do?

Chase squirrels
Do agility
Herd sheep
Guard any and all borders
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