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Long Haired Cat Breeds

The Persian cat is easily the most recognizable and the most fluffy of the long haired cat breeds with its thick, poufy coat. Other long haired breeds you should know about are the Maine Coon and Ragdoll breeds.

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Gifts For Pitbull Dog Lovers

A drinking glass with a Pitbull design adds a nice touch to the dining table set-up.It’s a simple piece that shows your appreciation for your beloved pet in a subtle yet special way. Hanging wood signs and Pitbull blankets are also a dog lover collector’s items.

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Gifts For Boxer Dog Lovers

A really great gift to give a boxer lover is Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution. This is a very handy book with lots of tips that will help with training a boxer. You could also give a boxer lover the Metal Peddler Boxer Key Rack or the Didog Studded Leather leash, collar, and harness set.

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Gifts For Labrador Lovers

The best gift for a labrador lover is the Kong Tire Dog Toy. This is both a great solo gift for the doggy and a bonding treat for both the dog and their owner. Other awesome gifts for labrador owners include the Ceenwes grooming kit and Queenmore dog swimming life jacket.

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Gifts For Dog Dads

One of the best gifts for a dad dog is the Dogfather Whiskey Glass. Other amazing gifts include a set of dog cufflinks or a custom dog dad t-shirt.

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