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How Old Is Your Cat? Here’s How To Tell Your Cat’s Age

One of the most reliable ways of telling a cat’s age is to look at their teeth. The number of teeth a cat has and the teeth condition can provide you with important clues about their age. You can also tell a cat’s age by looking at their body size and shape, as well as their eyes.

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

That is where pet insurance comes in. But is it worth it? Yes, it definitely is! Pet insurance is important especially for those unpredictable emergencies whether it is an accident or a serious illness that requires prompt attention and action for your pet’s survival.

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Is Rimadyl Safe For My Dog? Recommended Dosage + Side Effects

Rimadyl is a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAIDs) for canines. Rimadyl is safe for dogs when administered as prescribed by the vet. NSAIDs like Rimadyl typically have fewer side effects than steroids. This makes them safe for long-term use in chronic conditions such as canine osteoarthritis.

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True Cost Of Owning A Dog

If you are considering getting yourself a dog, it is crucial that you understand the true cost of owning a dog. This is exactly what we will get into in the sections below from the cost in terms of general financial investment to specific costs like healthcare and food.

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