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Best Dog Soccer Balls

These include our top pick the GABraden Upgrade Grab Tabs Dog Soccer Ball which stands out with its multiple game applications. You could also consider our runner up picks the Ethical Plush Dog Soccer Ball Toy and Nylabone Power Play Gripz Dog Soccer Ball Toy.

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Spitz Dog Breeds

One of the most popular is the Japanese Spitz, famous for its immaculate white coat, plume-like tail, and adorable smile. There’s also the tiny Pomeranian that’s a bundle of energy and sweetness in a compact package. And how can we forget the sassy Samoyed, clad in all-white fur and a drool-proof upturned mouth.

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Tabby Cat Breeds

Among all of these diverse tabby cat breeds, Maine Coon is our favourite, followed by American Shorthair and Bengal Cat breeds.

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Snarling Dog

For the most part, snarling is associated with anger and hostile emotions in the dog. However, hostility is not the only message your dog may be trying to pass to you when they snarl.

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Why Is My Dog Eating Dirt – Should I Be Worried?

Now, why do dogs eat dirt? A dog may eat dirt due to a lack of essential nutrients in its meals or because of an underlying medical condition. Additionally, a dog may also eat dirt to soothe an upset stomach or because it’s bored and has nothing else to do!

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