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Dog Has Red Eyes

Redness of the eyes in dogs is usually as a result of local irritation but could also be due to other more serious conditions of the eye. The most important thing that you could do for your dog in these cases is to get a vet involved as soon as possible.

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How Often To Trim Dog Nails

Trimming your dog’s nails helps protect your four legged buddy from health issues and injuries that could be brought about by overly long nails. In addition, trimming your dog’s nails also protects you from being accidentally scratched and injured by your pooch. Your dog’s nails should be trimmed regularly to avoid overgrowing. If possible, this should be done about once every month.

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Orange Cat Breed Fun Facts

Orange cat breeds have a face made for the silver screen. No wonder there are so many popular orange kitties in the movies such as Garfield, Puss in Boots, and so on! From their charming, freckled noses to their long lifespan, there are so many things to love about these felines.

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Help! My Dog Is Not Pooping – What Can I Do?

Now, what are the possible reasons for your dog’s failure to poop? Your dog may not be pooping because it has swallowed an indigestible object or because you’ve been feeding it meals that are lacking in fiber. In the same vein, elderly dogs are prone to suffering from constipation, and a pooch that hasn’t been getting enough exercise may find it difficult to poop.

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Best Dog Hats

In the sections below, we shall take a closer look at 19 of the best dog hats that your dog can become a trend-setter with. By far the best of these is the ZTON Pet Adjustable Hat. The Pawaboo Dog Baseball Cap or the Petfellow Dog Princess Hat.

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