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Catnip For Dogs (anise Seed) – Is It Safe?

Aniseed is catnip for dogs with a licorice-like taste that dogs find exciting. When given in moderation, about a few seeds for each pound of dog food, anise is safe for dogs. However, overindulging on the herb can irritate your dog’s stomach as well as make them dull and sluggish.

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White Dog Breeds

When it comes to snow white dogs, the maltese, bichon frise, and samoyed are the best known. However, there are other lesser known breeds including the Sheepadoodle, Polish Lowland Sheepdog, and the Rajapalayam.

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German Dog Breeds

German dog breeds include common dogs like the German shepherd, Great Dane, and Rottweiler. But you will be surprised to find out that the Saarloos wolfdog, plott hound, and the harlequin pinscher are also German dog breeds.

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Fluffy Dog Breeds

The most fluffy dog breeds to cuddle are the Pekingese, Papillon and Cairn Terrier. Their soft but lush fur coats make them look voluminous and fluffy. Golden Retrievers, Pomeranians and Samoyed dogs are also perfect cuddle buddies because of their sweet and calm temperament, on top of their fluffiness.

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Average Cost Of A Dog Vet Visit

The average cost of a dog vet visit varies depending on the reason for your visit, whether it’s a routine visit, an emergency situation, or surgery. Where you live, and the availability of vets and their experience, will also play a factor in what you should expect to pay.

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