How old is your cat now?

Please Note: Our Cat Age Calculator is meant for use solely as an estimation tool for the age of a cat. Differences between individual cats are not considered. TheGoodyPet is not responsible for undesirable circumstances that may arise from an inaccurate measurement of the cat's weight using this tool.

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Healthy cat Foods For A Long Healthy Life

To ensure your cat stays healthy and live with you to its fullest, we have personally collated a list of cat food brands that we sincerely consider as healthy and would not hesitate to recommend cat owners to give them a go.

These food brands are not your typical corporate pet food manufacturers.

These are pet food startups fueled by the passion from their pet enthusiasts founders who only want the best for all cats under the sky. Each of them have came up with their own unique formula that will surely satisfy your cats' taste buds without compromising their health.

Click here or the button below to learn more about these bespoke food brands.

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