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Dog Pregnancy Calculator

Dog Pregnancy Calculator

When did your dog first mate?

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Improve The Mother Dog's Nourishment

Much is to be done to take care of the mother dog's health to help her get through this pregnancy ordeal. One of it comes from the nourishment she get during this critical window of her life.

As responsible dog owners, we should make sure that she gets ample amount of nutrients in order to produce healthy pups on delivery day.

We personally recommend giving your pooch the waggedy Chewable Dog Vitamins to tide her through this period. It supplements the essential vitamins to build up her health and immune system. The nutrients will also be pivotal in ensuring the healthy growth of the pup.

How To Estimate Your Dog's Due Date?

Childbearing and delivery is a huge deal, be it humans or your very own pet. Calculating their due date, caring during the process, caring post delivery and being prepared for the delivery are all very interesting and beautiful. This article will help you do just that - to estimate delivery date and preparation tips.

How To Estimate Due Date?

As a general rule, the normal gestation period of a female dog will vary anywhere between 58 to 68 days from the first day of their mating, with 63 being the average number of days, which is roughly around two months.

Alternatively, to ease your job, you can simply estimate the due date by using a canine due date calculator. You will need to input the date of the first mating and in return, you will get the expected dates as the output. These calculators are very useful and will provide you with a detailed week-by-week expectation chart based on the due date calculation.

However, if you are not sure when your dog got pregnant, you can

How to be prepared?

Several things can be done prior to your pet's delivery. A few of them are:

Pay heed to whelping - Whelping is an indication that the delivery date is fast approaching.

Measure morning temperatures - Normally rectal temperatures vary between 101 and 102 degrees. However, if the temperature goes below 100 degrees, then you can be sure that delivery can occur within the next 24 hours.

Check mood and belly changes - Belly dropping, being restless, moody, and clingy or lack of appetite before whelping are all signs of the labor commencement.

Routine check-ups - Regular veterinary appointments, abdomen scans, vaccinations and a nutritional diet should be followed as a part of pregnancy care.

In case of any medical attention, do not hesitate to take the little one to a veterinary doctor.