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What Is Giardia In Dogs?

Giardia is a highly contagious intestinal parasite that can cause severe gastrointestinal distress or death if left untreated in dogs. This organism is found worldwide and can affect dogs of all ages, from puppies to adults. While it can be difficult to diagnose, pet owners need to know about this condition to take the necessary steps to protect their animals.

Can Dogs Be Allergic To Bees?

Bees are a common source of allergy in dogs, as they carry proteins that can cause allergic reactions. These allergies range from mild to severe and can manifest in skin rashes, itching, sneezing, coughing, and even seizures. While most bee stings donโ€™t require medical attention, itโ€™s essential to immediately seek veterinary help for dogs being stung.

What Is Lethargy In Dogs?

Your furry friend may be less interested in playing and give a slow reaction if it is feeling lethargic. Many factors can influence or trigger lethargy in dogs, ranging from anxiety, fear, and underlying medical problems, such as infections or cancer.

Can Dogs Have Seasonal Allergies?

Various environmental triggers can cause seasonal allergies in dogs. Triggers may include pollen from trees, grasses, and weeds. Dogs with seasonal allergies may display skin redness or rash, frequent scratching, or red, watery eyes. Recognizing allergy symptoms and exploring helpful treatments for dogs is essential if youโ€™re concerned about your pupโ€™s health and comfort.

What Vaccinations Do Dogs Need?

Owners like you should constantly update your dogโ€™s vaccination, regardless of whether your dog stays all the time indoors. Depending on where you live, some states in the United States, like Texas, require dog owners to have their dogs vaccinated against rabies; failure to do so is considered a criminal offense.

What Causes Ear Mites In Dogs?

The common causes of ear mites include poor hygiene, close contact with an infected animal, or exposure to contaminated bedding or other objects. In addition, some pets may be more prone to ear mites due to their genetics.

What Causes Steatitis In Dogs?

One of the most common causes of steatitis in dogs is a deficiency in vitamin E. This vitamin plays an important role in maintaining healthy cell membranes, and its deficiency can lead to inflammation of the fat cells, or yellow fat disease, in dogs.

Can Humans Get Ear Mites From Dogs?

Yes, humans can get ear mites from dogs. But this rarely happens. When it does occur, it may be because these tiny parasites cling onto fabric and clothes and move to positions of the human body, like the ears. Mites may cause skin problems like canine scabies.