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What Causes Ear Mites In Dogs?

The common causes of ear mites include poor hygiene, close contact with an infected animal, or exposure to contaminated bedding or other objects. In addition, some pets may be more prone to ear mites due to their genetics.

What Causes Steatitis In Dogs?

One of the most common causes of steatitis in dogs is a deficiency in vitamin E. This vitamin plays an important role in maintaining healthy cell membranes, and its deficiency can lead to inflammation of the fat cells, or yellow fat disease, in dogs.

Can Humans Get Ear Mites From Dogs?

Yes, humans can get ear mites from dogs. But this rarely happens. When it does occur, it may be because these tiny parasites cling onto fabric and clothes and move to positions of the human body, like the ears. Mites may cause skin problems like canine scabies.

What Painkillers Are Safe For Dogs?

Deracoxib is one of the few painkillers prescribed by veterinarians to dogs. Sometimes, aspirin may be recommended to your pooch for relieving pain, while glucosamine is usually for pain linked with hip and joint issues.

Can Dogs Have Heart Attacks?

Yes, dogs can have heart attacks. Our fluffy friends are susceptible to heart diseases that can cause death if not treated quickly and correctly. Many dog owners are unaware of the symptoms of a heart attack in their furry companions, which can lead to tragedy.

Can You Give Dogs Advil?

No, veterinarians donโ€™t recommend giving dogs Advil because of the risks involved. Advil contains ibuprofen, which dogs cannot digest properly. Hence, feeding Advil to a dog may cause stomach irritation or even lead to an ulcer. It may also lead to severe adverse reactions, such as diarrhea, vomiting, kidney problems, liver damage, and in extreme cases, death.