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Pawp Review

Pet insurance is a great idea for any pet owner and there are many different plans to choose from. If you're looking into getting pet insurance, our review on PAWP might help you decide if that's the right choice for your pup!

What Is IVDD In Dogs โ€“ Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

IVDD is an acronym for Intervertebral Disc Disease. It is caused by vertebral discs that are bulging, herniated, or slipping on the back of your pooch. IVDD is degenerative, meaning it typically occurs as your dog gets older, and the symptoms can be nerve-wracking. Ranging from severe pain to paralysis, the effects of IVDD are no joke.

Can Dogs Take Naproxen? Is It A Good Idea?

In a nutshell, dogs cannot take Naproxen due to its toxicity. This is mainly due to its narrow safety margins. This means that the safe dose for your dog to use exists in too small of a range to justify taking the risk of giving the drug to your dog.